Maiko makes hay to win monthly award


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, August 26, Greenwood – Stableford

Well it was a Tuesday and we went to the golf course and it rained.  So we got wet, finished the round and went back to Bert’s.  You know when all is said and done that is all it is really.  However, we all know that is not what the day is all about.  It is about meeting with a group of friends and going out with them to have a great day out.  It is about the whole experience from meeting at Bert’s and the smell of coffee as some also some partake in a Tropical Bert’s golfers’ breakfast; then the day starts.

It is about a really good course that on this day was in really good condition with greens that were fast and true even though the rain not only slowed them down but also took the best part of an hour from the day as we all dove to find cover.  Even the rain break added to the day though as the large group in the rest stop laughed and joke the whole time.

Dick Warberg (right) presents the MBMG golfer of the month award to Doug Maiko.Dick Warberg (right) presents the MBMG golfer of the month award to Doug Maiko.

Sitting In the restaurant all was well as the results came in until one score was seen to be so far in front of the rest.  So back at Bert’s it was soon time to declare the results, not forgetting that this was also the last Tuesday of the month and it was time for the MBMG golfer of the month award.  The winner on the day was Doug Maiko with an amazing 44 points while Barry Elphick came in second with 39, Mark West took third with 36 and in fourth was ‘The Warberger’ Dick Warberg with 35.

So the winner of the MBMG Group golfer of the month was the aforementioned Doug Maiko, well done Doug!  Then came the hard work of trying to get him (Doug) to buy the ‘organiser’ a beer for all his hard work.

Near Pins:  Andrew Purdie, Simon Niven, Derek Brook.

Friday August 29, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

On this Friday the Tropical Bert’s group headed out to Pattaya Country Club.  After so many “long drive” courses recently, including Wangjuntr and Greenwood, it was a welcome change to go to perhaps the closest course in the area.

Despite the convenient location there was some anxiety about playing at PCC.  The course has been going through quite a bit of maintenance lately, and despite their good intentions much of the work was so excessive perhaps the course should have been closed for a few weeks.  Well, after a full round in fine weather, we are happy the report that Pattaya Country Club is coming into its own.  A couple fairways and greens made you wonder if you actually landed in a bunker, but overall the course is now in very good shape, and considering the distance, represents perhaps the best value in the area.

Tuesday’s top three with one of Bert’s finest.Tuesday’s top three with one of Bert’s finest.

Pattaya C.C. is a very playable course that usually presents scores good for the ego, and this day was no different.  First place was claimed by Kurt Ebentheuer (H/cap 35) with an impressive 39 points.  Well played Kurt!  This was a perfect sendoff for him as he is leaving Thailand for several weeks.  Second spot went to Mark West (13) with 38 points, followed by Alan Sullivan (10) with 37.  The last two prize spots found Karl Beter (30) winning on count back over Landis Brooks (7), both with 36 points.

Near Pins: Dick Warberg, John Hackett, Alan Sullivan, Mark West

Mark West (left) with Kurt Ebentheuer (right) and one of Bert’s helpers.Mark West (left) with Kurt Ebentheuer (right) and one of Bert’s helpers.