Magnusson makes it a double


PSC Golf from Café Kronborg

Monday, Nov. 24, Crystal Bay A & C – Stableford

A Flight (0-19)

1st Elias Magnusson (19) 35pts

2nd Art Sohlin (16) 34pts

3rd Lotte Bskov (18) 33pts

4th Kennith Madsen (17) 31pts

B Flight (20+)

1st Mick O’Connor (21) 35pts

2nd Richard Snellen (23) 34pts

3rd Mogens Jensen (36) 31pts

4th Daryl Evans (20) 31pts

Long Putts: A9 Peter Bygballe; C9 Brian Gabe

Near Pins: A5 Richard Snellen; A8 Art Sohlin; C4 Art Sohlin; C7 Kaj Aabling

Crystal Bay was the game on Monday and we teed off 15 minutes early in sunny conditions with a nice cooling breeze. The course was ok, with bumpy, slow greens and lots of overgrowth noticed on the whole complex.

Elias Magnusson (left) with Dave Richardson.Elias Magnusson (left) with Dave Richardson.

Back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to Art Sohlin, Kennith Madsen, Torben Lindgaard and Freddie Townhill.  We also bid farewell to Lotte and Arne Max, both heading back to Denmark.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 19 and a full bag of pins.  Elias Magnusson won the A Flight with 35 points, one up on Art Sohlin in second while Lotte Boskov came third with 33 and Kennith Madsen took fourth on 31.

Mick O’Connor was the top man in B Flight with 35 points, again just one point better than second placed Richard Snellen, while Mogens Jensen (third) and Daryl Evans (fourth) fought out a count back duel for the minor places after both finished on 31.

Thursday, Nov. 27, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

A Flight (0-22)

1st Elias Magnusson (19) 36pts

2nd John Davis (15) 34pts

3rd Mike Winfield (22) 33pts

4th Jan Lovgreen (19) 32pts

B Flight (23+)

1st Dave Richardson (26) 38pts

2nd Ernst Hansen (23) 36pts

3rd Steen Habersaat (26) 31pts

4th Kurt Sandgaard (28) 26pts

The course at Pleasant Valley was found to be in good condition today, although the bunkers were still a mess and most lacked rakes.  We had a good run of 4 hours and 15minutes for the round, not catching any group in front.

Back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to Dan Rogaard, Franco Moretti and Silvio Bizzotti.

Two flights again today with the cut at handicap 22.  Elias Magnussn took the A Flight with 36 points ahead of John Davis in second with 34, Mike Winfield third with 33 and Jan Lovgreen taking fourth on 32.

Dave Richardson took the B Flight with 38 points, two up on Ernst Hansen in second while Steen Habersaat claimed third spot with 31 and Kurt Sandgaard completed the podium in fourth on 26.