Madsen shoots lifetime best

Carole Kubicki (left) with Ty Anderson.
Carole Kubicki (left) with Ty Anderson.

PSC Golf from the Café Kronborg

Monday, March 19, Crystal Bay – Stableford

A Flight (0-21)

1st Ty Anderson (10) 33pts

2nd Richard Kubicki (13) 32pts

3rd Kenneth Madsen (16) 31pts

B Flight (22+)

1st Carole Kubicki (22) 39pts

2ndSteen Habersaat (26) 38pts

3rd Jan Lovgreen (22) 33pts

Near Pins: C4 Torben Sorensen, C7 Steen Habersaat, B4 Carole Kubicki, B6 Torben Sorensen.

Long Putts: C9 Karl Beter, B9 Mashi Kaneta.

Cafe Kronborg played at Crystal Bay on Monday and the course was in pretty good shape, depending on where your ball landed.  Greens were a good pace, but the putts just didn’t want to drop.

In the A flight the scores were not great as everyone seemed to struggle.  The flight winner, with his second win of the season before returning to the US, was Ty Anderson with 33 points.  Second went to Richard Kubicki with a hard earned 32 points and in third was Kenneth Madsen with 31.

In the B Flight the scores were somewhat better and rising to the top was Carole Kubicki with a classy 39 points and the score of the day.  Second went to Steen Habersaat with a solid 38 points and in third was the omnipresent Jan Lovgreen with 33.

Thursday, March 22, Greenwood – Stableford

A Flight (0-21)

1st Kenneth Madsen (16) 45pts

2nd Richard Kubicki (13) 41pts

3rd Rob Brown (7) 40pts

B Flight (22+)

1st Torben Sorensen (26) 41pts

2nd Gordon Clegg (25) 39pts

3rd Gordon Baird (24) 34pts

Near Pins: C6 Eddie Glinsek, A2 Rob Brown, A6 Richard Kubicki.

Long Putts: C9 Gordon Baird, A9 Eddie Glinsek.

Kenneth Madsen.
Kenneth Madsen.

Greenwood was in pretty good condition and the greens were a good speed and ran true.  Quite a few in our group managed to take advantage of the conditions and the scores were pretty good, especially in the A flight.

The winner in the top flight was Kenneth Madsen with the score of the day and apparently his best score ever, an electrifying 45 points, Kenneth breaking 80 for the first time with a 79 off the stick.  Richard Kubicki was second with a sterling 41 points, the main action happening on the back 9 which he played in par, giving him 23 points.  Third was a flummoxed Rob Brown with a superb 40 points off his 7 handicap, a score which would easily win here on any other day.

In the B Flight the winner was Torben Sorensen, joining the forty point club with a superb 41 points.  Gordon Clegg came second with a solid 39 points and two players had 34 points so third place was decided on count-back, Gordon Baird with a back-nine of 19 points edging Eddie Glinsek with 18.