Lost, one Scotsman


The Backyard Golf Society

It was another enjoyable round of golf for the Backyard lads at Emerald last Friday, Dec. 19.  Our request to move our tee times forward to avoid having additional groups dropped in ahead of use and behind the Beaver Bar was granted, although we did have a couple of groups of Hugallflugalls attempt to add themselves on to the Beaver’s tail, something that was soon nipped in the bud by Irish John.

The winner today with 36 points was “The Impregnator”, now back on form after his nuptials in the Philippines.  Near-pin went to Mike “Taxi” Chatt, currently worthy of his male nickname having turned up 2 weeks in a row.  The skins were won by Andy “The Deadliest Catch” Crabb with 8, another 5 went to “The Biss”, 2 to “Taxi” and 1 to “The Quiet Man”, with 2 rolled over to the next game.  We will be playing on December 26th, so we can see who ate the most turkey with the first tee belly profiles.

We did manage to lose Foos yer Doos on the day.  Not only did he wake from his comatose slumber at 11am and send an SMS asking what time we were due to tee off (in fact we were nearly finished by that time), but he was also a no-show down the road later, apparently his wee tummy was giving him the gripes.

Foos has now headed back to Jockoland and 4 weeks bouncing around on the North Sea mill-pond swells so it will be a lot less boisterous along the bar strip for the next 4 Fridays.  “Coonass” Larsen is also gone back to sea, so the girls will be oh so sad and deprived of their drinks until he gets back.

Blue Sky presented the group present with a new set of after-golf shirts, which will continue to provide us with our discounted beverages.  For some reason the shirts are not blue as would befit the bar’s name, but green?  We suspect there was a cheap bolt of green cloth going so why not use it.


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