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Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Jan. 29, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Ed Wyckoff (13) 38pts

2nd Mikael Deletraz (12) 36pts

3rd Andy Kelleher (10) 34pts


B Flight

1st Peter Kelly (15) 38pts

2nd Gary Emmett (17) 38pts

3rd JP Maffray (16) 37pts


B Flight

1st Colin Davis (23) 38pts

2nd John Dearden (23) 38pts

3rd Gabriel Enright (23) 37pts

Near Pins: Jeff Acheson, John Dilleneuve, Ed Wyckoff, JP Maffray.

Long Putt: Fred Birch.


There were five men of the match this week, all on 38 points.  B Flight had two of them in the shape of Peter Kelly and Garry Emmett and when the dust had settled it was Peter’s back side that was adjudged the more evenly dispersed.  The previous Sunday’s hole in one man, JP Maffray, closed the flight with a fine 37 points.

B Flight scores were duplicated by C Flight as they too had two players with 38 points apiece – Colin ‘the Donkey’ Davis and John Dearden.  John knows all too well it’s very rare the Donkey gives anything away in count backs and this one was no different.  Gabriel ‘the thunder from down under’ Enright rounded out the flight with 37 points.

In A Flight, Ed ‘our man in the White House’ Wyckoff kept this 38 points thing going to take the top spot.  Mikael Deletraz took the flight silver two shots in arrears as Aussie star Andy Kelleher tided up the flight with 34.

Colin and Sim Davis.
Colin and Sim Davis.
Ed Wyckoff.
Ed Wyckoff.


Tuesday, Jan. 30, Pleasant Valley – Stableford


A Flight

1st Soren Slaner (18) 39pts

2nd Steve Mann (20) 35pts

3rd Steve Baker (19) 35pts


B Flight

1st Henr Braak (23) 38pts

2nd Torben Lindgarrd (27) 36pts

3rd Michael Pillien (22) 36pts


Pleasant Valley is not the most popular golf course but it still attracted 25 golfers and that needed two flights with three places in each.  The course was in fine condition but the greens were a tad slow.

The man of the match came out of A Flight when Soren Slaner returned with 39 points.  Steve Mann pushed Steve Baker down to the bronze spot on the podium as both were tied on 35 points (18-14).

B Flight was just as tight as Henr Braak took the top spot with a solid 39 points.  Torben Lindgarrd took the second podium place with a better count back of 14-11 on the back-nine, with Michael Pillien in third.


Wednesday, Feb. 1, Bangpakong Riverside – Stableford

A Flight

1st John Naulty (13) 40pts

2nd Jim Riley (16) 37pts

3rd Andy Kelleher (10) 37pts

4th Brian Davidson (18) 35pts


B Flight

1st Stan Stuart (27) 47pts

2nd Colin Davis (23) 41pts

3rd Mark Hayward (22) 39pts

4th Aiden Murray (24) 39pts


Near Pins: Andy Kelleher (2), Stan Stuart, Tip Briney.

Long Putt: Brian Davidson.


A good crowd of 28 players made the long trip up the Highway 7 to play Bangpakong Riverside.  The course layout spreads out into large fields and there are many holes with wide open fairways, so good scores were expected and the players did not disappoint.

The top man in B Flight was also the man of the match as Stan Stuart fired a fantastic 47 points and earned the new nick name ‘Stan AK 47’.  Stuart. Stan was six strokes clear of the Donkey in second and third and fourth places were decided by a count back between Mark Hayward and Aiden Murray, with Mark taking third place (18-17).

John Naulty stood at the top of the A Flight podium with a rock solid 40 points while a count back was required to sort out the second place between Jim Riley and Aussie star Andy Kelleher; Jim bettering Andy12 on the back-six holes to Andy’s 11.  Andy wasn’t too bothered as he had the comfort of two near pins.  Brian Davidson along closed the flight.


Friday, Feb. 3, Crystal Bay – Stableford

A Flight

1st Rick Grobel (15) 36pts

2nd Oliver Orth (11) 36pts

3rd Anne Stokes (12) 35pts


B Flight

1st Tina Orth (22) 41pts

2nd Bob Stokes (17) 37pts

3rd David Dunne (20) 35pts


C Flight

1st Jim Carlson (24) 41pts

2nd Colin Davis (23) 37pts

3rd Steve Doris (27) 37pts


Near Pins: Walter O’Keefe, Pat Feeney, Anne Stokes (2).


Crystal Bay was the task today for the 41 contestants out of Lewiinski’s and Colin’s Bar.  Although the course suffered from heavy rain the night before, the course was in fine condition.  Three Flights were required with three places in each.

The man of the match honor was shared between B Flight’s Tina Orth and C Flight’s Jim Carlson, both with 41 points.  Tina was four strokes clear of Bob Stokes, leaving David Dunne to tidy up the flight with 35 points.

The C Flight minor places were decided on count back between the Donkey and Steve Doris, both on 37 points, and as we all know once the Donkey gets his nose in front he rarely lets it slip.

Jumping up to A Flight we found Rick Grobel standing atop the podium but first he had to gain a count back decision over Oliver Orth, both on even par rounds (21-19).  It was a good day for the Orth Family and also a fine one for the Stokes clan as Anne rounded out the flight with 35 points.

I must apologize to Stan Stuart as last week I mistakenly reported that Stuart Mann shot 43 points to win C Flight and it was of course Stan Stuart.