Local knowledge does the trick for ‘Lumpy’


PSC golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

The Billabong golf tour to Khao Yai was a great success and with seven groups playing it was a fun couple of days.

Staying at the Rim Tarn Inn in the heart of Pak Chong, the staff were excellent and everything went smoothly, with tables set up down by the river for our usual cheese, wine and bickies after golf.  Everything was going well until ‘the Arab’ let some steam off and cleared the restaurant out completely, but he did try to blame Paul for the indiscretion.

On the first day we played the Khao Yai Country Club and the check in went like clockwork, thanks to Nutty and her girls.  Whilst the course wasn’t as green as the last time we played here it was still a great test of golf and it was deserted so away we went.

There were some truly amazing scores, I have played this course on a few occasions and have never seen scores to match these ones.

Coming in fourth place was Capt Bob with 44 points (yes, that’s right, 44 points in fourth), being beaten on a count back by Chris Dodd also on 44.  Second place went to Kiwi Bill Marsden with 46 points – can you believe that!  Meanwhile we were all soundly beaten by the local lad from Pak Chong, ‘Lumpy’ Meyers, with a magnificent 49 points.  We will get revenge next time ‘Lumpy’ when we come back in April.

There were two ‘2’s today, coming from Paul O’Mahoney and Barry Copestake.

On the second day we played at Rancho Charnvee and what a great course this one is.  The club house and facilities are also tremendous here.

As expected the scores on the second day weren’t as great as the first, due mainly to the previous night’s drink I would suggest – it couldn’t have been the cheese!

It was predicted that 35 points would take the top prize on the second day and that is exactly what happened.  There was a four-way count back, all on 32 points, between Richard Steadman, Phil Waite, Barry Copestake and Lumpy Russell with the latter two missing out.  Phil took fifth, with Richard coming fourth.  Third place went to David Collier with 33 points and in second was Pat Regan with 34.  Chris Dodd handled this course best of all and returned the aforementioned 35-point winning score.

There were three ‘2’s coming Richard Steadman with one and Pat Regan the other two.

The overall 2 day scores saw Walter De Pooter in fourth with 72 points, Bob Philp third on 75, second went to Chris Dodd with 79 points and in first place was ‘Lumpy’ Meyers with 80.

Wednesday, Jan. 8, Green Valley – Stableford

We had just 5 groups today at Green Valley and absolutely the weather was absolutely perfect for golf.  The course as usual was in great condition and if the greens get any faster you will need to use a cotton wool putter.

Good to see Brad Driffill again up from Aussie to give us a lesson, and also welcome to Kev, Craig and Jay from Perth.

The scores were not particularly good but there were four ‘2’s coming from Auke and John Wood with one each and Sel Wegner had a double.  Taking fourth place on the day was John Wood with 33 points, beaten for third spot on a count back by Owen Walkley, also on 33.  Second and also losing on a count back with 34 points was Roger Ison and taking line honours was Sel Wegner.


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