Lightning and Macey strike at Phoenix


PSC Golf from The Billabong Golf Society

Monday, May 16, Phoenix – Stableford

Sitting in the Billabong on Saturday and Sunday you had the impression that someone had dimmed the lights, for a huge storm was brewing on both days and the heavy, black clouds cast a shadow around Mabprachan, closely followed by thunder, lightning and monsoon type rain.

This was perfect for the courses that desperately need rain but this rain did not extend to Phoenix until we had reached the 7th hole on Monday, when it descended with a vengeance although it provided all those that were sheltering in the drink stop with something that we had never experienced on a golf course before.  The lightning hit the pond nearby killing many of the fish which were floating on the surface, but some of the surviving fish decided to evacuate the pond and swim away in the flooded water, that were now rivers and flowing everywhere.

George Barrie, Sel Wegner and Andrew Woodall.

A dozen or so caddies, not missing an opportunity to capitalize on a freebee, braved the rain to catch the fish and put them in a bag to take home for their evening meal.  I wish I had had my camera for that would be one for the record books.

The back teas are being prepared for the big tournament in July so the yellow tees were just short of the reds while the whites were positioned where the yellow tees should be (I assume this situation will prevail until the end of July), which is the reason for the scores that were handed in today.

Thiery Petrement came third with 35 points but Gerard Lambert had high hopes of a victory with 44 points.  However, on the same score as Gerard but with 24 points on the back nine William Macey gained the top spot on the podium.  William is hoping for more rain for it obviously suits his game as he also had the only ‘2’ of the day.

Wednesday, May 18, Green Valley – Stableford

It rained most of the night and on the morning drive to the course, which was not encouraging, but it stopped as we reached the 1st tee.  On the way to the tee-box we noticed that stands had been erected around the green next to the clubhouse for the Singha Championship to be held shortly here.

We mentioned recently that a tournament held last year refused to use the present layout and now we have the organizers of the Singha Championship also refusing to use it, insisting that the present 15th be changed to the 1st tee and the present 14th become the 18th – that is the green which is next to the clubhouse.  In addition, the officials at the PGA and R&A will fall off their chairs laughing hysterically if they were made aware that the 1st hole is index 1 and the 18th hole is index 2.

Better than handicap scores were in evidence today, with Pat Regan missing out for third place to Jimmy Grieve on 38 points.  A similar situation occurred for Freddie Starbeck, coming second to Capt. Bob Philp, both on 39 points.  The ladies also found the going to their liking with Miss Usa taking third with 40 points, Miss Karn had 41 points but the inform Miss Som did it again, winning the day with 43 points.

Capt. Bob had a good day all-round sinking putts on two par 3s for birdies the other 2 going to Auke Engelkes and Thiery Petrement

Friday, May 20, Burapha – Stableford

We played Burapha as usual on Friday and found the course in great condition – both fairways and greens were just fantastic.  The locker room at the moment is being upgraded and the temporary one being used is small to say the least, however we all got cleaned up after the game and proceeded to the Baan Tong Tong for the presentation.  We were well looked after by Mick’s staff and the cold drinks on hand made for a good afternoon.

The scores were both good and bad and it took a four-way count back to determine fifth place, that going to John Anderson with 35 points due to his 19 points on the back nine.  Fourth place was taken by Andrew Woodall with a handicap matching 36 points and in third was Chris Brendle with 37.

George Barrie made his first visit to the podium in a long time and was second with 38 points (he was rehearsing his winners speech after 8 holes but couldn’t get the job done), but the winner was one of George’s playing partners, Sel Wegner, with a fine 42 points.

They tell me there was one ‘2’ but the scorecard never made it out of the rubbish tin.