Landis tames Bangpra


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, June 10, Bangpra – Stableford

Tuesday saw 13 golfers meet at Tropical Bert’s, all eager to head out for the day.  Bangpra is one of the favorite venues and everyone was looking forward to the challenge.  Thick early morning clouds gave cause for concern, but by tee-off time the clouds were scattered and we stayed dry – except for sweat – the entire round.

Bangpra has fine facilities, though we were bit confused upon arrival when the desk said we could not pay for another 30 minutes.  We simply changed into the golf clothes first then paid the fee.

Landis Brooks flanked by Barry and Tom.Landis Brooks flanked by Barry and Tom.

Weather this day was fine, scattered clouds and some breeze.  Is it just the imagination or has the weather finally changed from the “Broiler” setting to just “Very Hot”?  The course conditions were also excellent.

One group had comic relief watching a caddy chase down a monkey who stole supplies from a golf bag.  Eventually the “Ling” dropped the goods and the caddy returned to the group victorious.

Playing from the white tees Bangpra is a fair challenge, and only one person reached their handicap to take first place.  That was Landis Brooks (7) with 36 points.  Second was claimed by Barry Elphick (23) with 35 points, and Tom Herrington (16) took third on 33, just edging out the ever-present Mashi on count back.

Near pins went to Mashi Kaneta, Ray White, and Barry Elphick.

Friday, June 13, Greenwood – Stableford

It was Friday the 13th as the group met at Tropical Bert’s for breakfast, and with the US Open in progress for inspiration there was anticipation on who would be lucky this day and who would have a black cat cross their putting line.

Friday’s top three: Lindsay Shaw, Peter Holloway and Bob Watson.Friday’s top three: Lindsay Shaw, Peter Holloway and Bob Watson.

The drive up to Greenwood is longer than most courses in the rotation, but is there a better course for the money?  The fairways were carpet-like and the greens fast and true.

Although there is no doubt it is still the hot time of the year this day proved lucky indeed, with quite a bit of cloud cover and a breeze keeping things quite tolerable.  Greenwood is a fair test of golf and the good conditions often show up in the final scores, and such was the case on this day.

Back at Bert’s for refreshments and sustenance we eagerly awaited the results on who was lucky this Friday and today it was clear that Lindsay Shaw (H/cap 36) is not a superstitious man.  He controlled the field and the course with the round of the day totaling 41 points.  Well done Lindsay!

Second place went to Lindsay’s buddy Peter Holloway (11) with a very respectable 38 points and the always dangerous Bob Watson (7) took third with 37, followed by David Nicholson (18) in fourth with 36 points, narrowly beating out Mr. “In-the-Money” Mashi Kaneta (14) on a count back.

With the winner ringing the bell, the world was put right over the next couple of hours.

Near pin prizes went to Bob Watson, Ted Morris, and Walter Baechli.