Klaus starts fast at Travellers Rest


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, March 6, The Emerald – Stableford

Division 1 (0-13)

1st Bill Reid (13) 39pts

2nd Craig Worley (13) 37pts

3rd Dave Plamer (9) 35pts


Division 2 (13+)

1st Freddie Starbeck (15) 37pts

2nd John Baxter (17) 35pts

3rd Ted Senior (17) 34pts


Monday saw a visit to the Emerald Golf Club at Bang Chang and 41 golfers took on the challenges posed by this very beautiful, but challenging course.

In division 1 Dave Palmer’s 35 points was good enough to secure 3rd prize and Craig Worley’s fine round of 37 points claimed the silver medal.  However, there was no stopping the methodical Bill Reid whose 39 points blew away the rest of the field and took the top spot.

In division 2 Ted Senior’s shot a competitive 34 points to take 3rd place and John Baxter scored 35 for the runners up medal.  The star round of the day came from Freddy Starbeck with a score of 37 points.  Soon to be returning to his native Denmark, this was a suitable way to show the TRGG what they will be missing over the next month.

Klaus Fast.
Klaus Fast.


Tuesday, March 7, Burapha – Stableford

1st Kerry Langlands (11) 37pts

2nd The Hack (16) 36pts

3rd Greg Bates (12) 34pts


On Tuesday 17 golfers took on the challenges of Burapha Golf Course.  To make the task more interesting the management had decided to play off the blue tees making the course 6,800 yards long.  This would be music to the ears of certain low handicap golfers who love to see the high handicappers struggling with the longer courses.

Greg Bates produced a fine round of 34 points to take 3rd spot on count back from Graham Brown.  The scribe continued with his recent improvement in form to score 36 and take second place, however, the round of the day was produced by Kerry Langlands who, playing off his 11 handicap, shot 37 points to take top spot.

Bill Reid.
Bill Reid.


Wednesday, March 8, Parichat – Stableford

1st Dave Maw (15) 36pts

2nd Larry Pumpa (8) 36pts

3rd Ted Senior (17) 36pts


Wednesday’s venue Parichat attracted a wide range of course specialists from the TRGG.  Ted Senior’s long game is well suited to Parichat as when he hits his driver down-wind, off a cliff, the ball only travels about 180 yards and this is perfect for this trap laden course.  36 points was good enough for Ted to take 3rd place today.

Beating Ted on count back into second spot was Larry Pumpa whose swing “aint no sign of beauty” yet somehow from this monstrosity good scores are produced.  However, today the round to beat all others was produced by Dave Maw.  It isn’t very often that the top three places all score the same points but on this occasion Dave’s back 9 was good enough to see off the opposition.


Thursday, March 9, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Jim Groves (15) 38pts

2nd Ian Bell (06) 38pts

3rd Mike Rushant (12) 35pts


The trip to Green Valley on Thursday coincided with Mike Rushant taking another visit to his own private ATM, commonly known as the TRGG.  In the prizes again, Mike’s score of 35 points was good enough for 3rd place.

The best raw sore of the day came from Scotland’s Ian Bell, shooting 4 over to card a fine 38 points.  Ian is something of an anomaly at the TRGG as he is rather a natty dresser for a man from “north of the border”.  Certain players come to mind (Cooper, Gibb, Bramley etc) whose attire regularly leave a lot to be desired.  It is reassuring knowing that at least one of our celtic cousins glances at the mirror in the morning before turning up to play.

On this day however Ian’s joy at his fine round would have been overshadowed by the frustration of being pipped at the post by Jim Groves, also scoring 38 points but Jim’s better back 9 resulted in him claiming the top prize.

Terry Langlands.
Terry Langlands.


Friday, March 10, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Div 1 (0-13)

1st Klaus Fast (3) 36pts

2nd Al Marumoto (12) 36pts

3rd Joe Nagle (12) 35pts


Div 2 (14+)

1st Derek Thorogood (15) 34pts

2nd Ken Brehm (21) 33pts

3rd Ted Senior (17) 33pts


The Friday visit to Khao Kheow tested the TRGG players to their very limits.  Of the 41 players who participated only 2 shot their handicaps and 27 failed to reach 30 points.  When people return to their homes after a golf break in Pattaya, they will regularly reminisce about the beauty of Khao Kheow and forget how tough it is.

In division 2 Ted Senior’s 33 points was good enough to claim 3rd spot and Ken Brehm took 2nd position from Ted by virtue of a better back 9.  However, “da boss” Derek Thorogood claimed the top prize with 34 points and this took some doing as Derek was in the last group and it was a very long round of golf.

In division 1 Joe Nagle hit a fine 35 but this was only good enough for 3rd place.  In second position the only other man to shoot their handicap was Al Marumoto with 36, but on this day his was pipped for the top spot on count back by Klaus Fast.  Fresh off the plane from Perth WA, Klaus’s round of 3 over par was some achievement.


Saturday, March 11, Plutaluang – Stableford

1st Klaus Fast (03) 36pts

2nd Al Marumoto (12) 34pts

3rd Robert Chrishausen (14) 31pts


Saturday’s visit to Plutaluang gave the hardy souls of the TRGG the magical opportunity to be playing behind two 6-balls.  Five hours of unbridled joy in the intense heat gave an impression of Thailand golf that some will never forget.

However, despite the unfavorable conditions this did not stop Klaus Fast as he once again shot his handicap for the second time in two days.  Considering Klaus didn’t have his favorite grounds-person from his beloved Wanneroo Golf Club in Perth to cut down the trees in the centre of the fairway, this was another remarkable round.  And there was I thinking that us Poms were the ones who supposedly loved to whinge!

For the second time in 2 days Al Marumoto received the runners up prize and Robert Chrishausen, with 31 points, grasped 3rd place.  As we retreated from this fantastic venue, some of us were left wondering, how much fun would it be playing behind a 7-ball?