Kit pips Tom for top spot


The Backyard Golf Society

It was another pleasantly quick round at Emerald for the Backyard Boys last Friday, March 1.  What a relief after the high season debacle that befalls most courses. 

Winning the stableford with 38 points was the soon-to depart Kit.  Runner-up with 37 points was Tom the Defib Man.  Near-pin on this occasion went to The Mummy.  Michelle Chatt won the most skins, the first 6 holes were all draws so Michelle’s birdie 2 on the par 3, 7th hole won him all 7.  Irish John won 5, Mickey the Yak won 3 and there were singles to Don the Divorcer, Randy the French Canuck and Martyn the Quiet Man.

Kit (center rear) poses with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.Kit (center rear) poses with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

Off-setting Kit’s departure to ‘Old Blighty’, we should soon see the return of Russell ‘He’s a Victorian’ from the wilds of Cameroon and ‘Foos yer Doos’ Cowe from the Saudi sand-box.

We had our first player off the 70 years and over silver tees today, which may account somewhat for Tom the Defib Man’s 37 points.  The rule is there so well done to Tom on taking full advantage.

Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend remains on the injured list, his claims of a sore back gaining him little sympathy with his fellow golfers.  It has not affected his ability to speak or down San Miguels in copious amounts.  Yaya’s Delight was another casualty last Friday, a combination of a sore knee and a new tirak proving too much to overcome.