Keith Emerson tops the week


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, March 11, The Emerald – Stableford

CSS 72

Div 1 (0-15)

1st Keith Emerson (12) 43pts

2nd Dennis Odgers (14) 34pts

3rd Rodney Hayes (14) 32pts

4th Gary Brown (7) 31pts

5th Russell Gilroy (14) 31pts

Div 2 (16+)

1st Shuichi Kodaka (16) 37pts

2nd Al Rolnik (19) 36pts

3rd Mike Korney (19) 35pts

4th Hal Hart (24) 33pts

5th Glenn Eldershaw (23) 33pts

Following a very hard week of golf, the expectations of an easier week started out at the Emerald where as usual a local ‘lift and place’ rule was in operation on the fairways.  With the course in generally good shape the scoring was of a much better order with Keith Emerson being far and away the best in the first division as he swept all before his in returning a seven under handicap card to win by nine clear.  Keith didn’t miss a single fairway on his way to his best score in over nine years of playing in Pattaya.

Keith Emerson.Keith Emerson.

Dennis Odgers came the nearest, although still not really in contention for the top prize, as his two over round was good for second place ahead of Rodney Hayes, who was playing for the first time since undergoing heart surgery in January, in third, with Gary Brown taking fourth after winning a count back over Russell Gilroy with a better 16 to 13.

The second division was a much closer fought affair with Shuichi Kodaka just getting the better of Al Rolnik by a single point to take the win and Mike Korney in third spot another one back.  Hal Hart took fourth after he also won a count back with a better 19 to 16 to leave Glenn Eldershaw in fifth.

The first division 2’s were shared between Dave Ross, Rodney Hayes and Keith Emerson with Keith’s having been scored on the  par four second hole after chipping in from 50 yards, while the second division pool was shared between Al Rolnik and Celia Torquato.

The day’s prizes were added to by the largesse of Mike Sanders who donated the balance of his balls left over after his ten rounds this trip – two sleeves of three balls out of the original five boxes he brought over following a fire sale in Zurich prior to his departure – with one sleeve each going to the division winners.

Prior to the prize presentations there were welcomes for John Carling, Celia Torquato, Francis Wancer and Dennis Odgers and welcome backs for Terry Martin, Bruno Torquato, Peter Pereira, Rodney Hayes and Dave Ross.

Wednesday, march 13, Greenwood – Stableford

CSS 72

Div 1 (0–12)

1st Erik Donnestad (4) 37pts

2nd Allen Raaen (10) 36pts

3rd Terry Martin (12) 31pts

4th Bob Heath (12) 31pts

Div 2 (13+)

1st Jens Gunnarsson (15) 37pts

2nd Rick Holmes (16) 37pts

3rd Mike Hill (22) 33pts

4th Francis Wancer (24) 32pts

Mike Korney.Mike Korney.

Greenwood as always offered the players a great day’s golf at very reasonable prices with the course as usual in tip top condition.  With not so many other players the rounds got off early and progressed smoothly with all players finishing in just under four hours except for the last group, who found the pace just a bit to quick for their ageing legs to keep up with, straggling in some thirty minutes after the penultimate group had showered and tested the temperature of the offerings at the bar.

Erik Donnestad put in another very steady round of gross 75 to take the first division honours, just a point ahead of new boy Allen Raaen who was the only one in the division able to mount a challenge to the winner.  The rest of the division was some way back and led in by Terry Martin who took third by virtue of a better count back over Bob Heath with a score of 16 to 15.

The second division was also very close, having to go to a count back between Jens Gunnarsson who found himself unusually in the second division with the cut coming at 12, and Rick Holmes, with Jens running out the winner by 19 to 18.  Mike Hill’s steady three over handicap was good enough to earn him third ahead of a three-way count back between Francis Wancer with 18, Alan Hanlon with 16 and Bruno Torquato with 13.

There were no 2’s in either division which is not an unusual occurrence over this course as the par threes are notoriously difficult to score well on.

Prior to the prize giving’s there was a welcome for new member Allen Raaen and welcome backs for Jens Gunnarsson, Yukio Kikuchi and Hideo Akiyama.

Friday, March 15, Phoenix Lakes & Ocean – Stableford

CSS 72

Div 1 (0-15)

1st Rodney Hayes (14) 38pts

2nd Terry Martin (12) 35pts

3rd Alwyne Burley (15) 35pts

4th Peter Pereira (14) 32pts

Div 2 (16+)

1st Mike Korney (19) 42pts

2nd Celia Torquato (22) 42pts

3rd Glenn Eldershaw (23) 38pts

4th Mike Hill (22) 33pts

Once again Phoenix’s Lakes and Ocean courses were the Friday choice but this week proved to be a lot easier than the last time out, with the wind not a major factor.  And even though the storm clouds gathered all around the course, they moved away to drench those that had stayed in Pattaya for the day, leaving the course bone dry while other competitions were being called off as they were seriously affected by rain and lightning strikes.

Rodney Hayes.Rodney Hayes.

Rodney Hayes completed his rehabilitation, winning for the first time in several months and proving that his decision to return to Sydney for the heart surgery was indeed well taken as he is now almost back to his old form and once again able to enjoy his golfing days out on the course.  His two under handicap return was sufficient by three to see off the challenge of Terry Martin on his last outing before returning to Perth as Terry took second place after winning a count back over Alwyne Burley with a better 13 to 12 over the last six on the Ocean course after they had tied the nine on 17 a piece.  Peter Pereira also had to win a count back for fourth place with Dave Ross which he did with a superior 16 to 15 to complete the first division podium.

The second division was led in by Mike Korney, who amazingly had to win a count back after scoring his best in Thailand at six under handicap as Celia Torquato almost stole it with her second round in the week of over 40 points, which in the process attracted the attention of the handicap systems exceptional scoring reduction leaving her with a four stroke reduction.  Mike managed to squeeze out 21 points from the back nine to deny Celia whose 20 was just not quite up to the mark.

Glenn Eldershaw may have though he was in with a chance until hearing of the exploits of the top two in the division when he had to settle for third after a very nice round which left Mike Hill once again in the minor placing some five points further back.

Once again there were no 2’s in the second division but Erik Donnestad cleared out the unusually high rollover pot in the first division with a simple putt from two feet on the 149 yard second hole on the Lakes course.

Back at The Haven there was a welcome for new member Markku Myllymaki.

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