Kazu in the pink with debut win

Kazu Mochidome.
Kazu Mochidome.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, August 6,
Pattana – Stableford

1st Darren Stanton (14) 43pts

2nd Danny Willits (12) 40pts

3rd Peter Peterson (6) 40pts

We began the week at the magnificent Pattana course where a couple of Aussie mates fought it out for first and second place. Darren Stanton set up his win on the front nine (A course) with an incredible twenty three points which included three consecutive birdies on holes 4, 5 & 6. Daz held it together on the back-nine and finished the day with very respectable 43 points.

Tuesday, August 7,
Green Valley – Stableford

1st Kazu Mochidome (10) 38pts

2nd Phil Taylor (20) 36pts

3rd Barry Sowman (8) 36pts

On Tuesday we witnessed the power of the Samurai in the form of Kazu Mochidome. Kazu has played with the TRGG since 2013 and hadn’t once won a tournament, today, however, he set the stage for an incredible week.

In resplendent colour coordinated pink attire and a custom painted pink driver he wouldn’t have looked out of place in Boy’s Town, but this was Green Valley and Kazu, despite his flamboyant appearance, meant business. His 38 points and first ever TRGG win was only the start of things to come for the “Mighty Mochidome”.

Wednesday, August 8,
Khao Kheow – Stableford

1st Kazu Mochidome (10) 33pts

2nd Guy Fraser (13) 31pts

3rd Bobby Rattanaruansup (22) 30pts

Chapter two for Kazu took place at Khao Kheow where the colour coordination was taken to a whole new level; with matching accessories in the form of a water flask, a tee pouch, tees and balls and believe it or not “pink” shoe laces!

Once again his golf did the talking but with strong winds and water logged fairways the course played extremely difficult. Only three players scored thirty points or better and Kazu’s 33 points was more than enough to give him back to back wins.

Thursday, August 9,
Phoenix – Stableford

1st Kazu Mochidome (10) 40pts

2nd Christer Dolk (14) 36pts

3rd Guy Fraser (13) 35pts

Chapter three and the atmosphere at the TRGG was electrifying, everyone waiting in anticipation of Kazu’s arrival. When he arrived there was a collective gasp as this kaleidoscope of colour appeared. Unfazed by all the attention the “Mighty Mochidome” made it three in a row with an incredible score of 40 points, which also earned himself a meeting with the handicap master.

Friday, August 10,
Burapha – Stableford

1st Arnold Jones (17) 40pts

2nd Jim Best (14) 36pts

3rd John Baxter (19) 36pts

When the odds are against you and you’re fighting a losing battle, you can always rely on the Americans to save the day. They’d had enough of Kazu’s popularity so together they formed a plan to topple his dictatorship. Fashion and style are never really seen in the same sentence as American so they decided not to compete on this level, instead they would use strength and numbers to bring him down. Armed with the best equipment money could buy they were confident of a quick and decisive victory.

Riding off into the sunset from the 1st at Burapha, AJ, Hawk, Best and Baxter knew they wouldn’t be coming home until the job was done. By the end of the day they had only suffered one casualty, sadly the Hawk was M.I.A. Someone else was M.I.A too, Kazu wasn’t at Burapha, he was playing in the Pattaya Match Play competition at Pattavia, thrilling his audience with another amazing outfit and actually winning the Best Dressed Player of 2018.