K-1 World Max Final in Pattaya this weekend


The world-renowned K-1 World Max Final will take place in Pattaya on Saturday, Oct. 11.  It will be a historic day for Thailand’s fans to witness local favourite Buakaw Banchamek going up against Enriko Kehl at the Indoor Athletics Stadium, Pattaya.

K-1 boxing focuses mainly on clean fighting, respecting the specific set of rules such as no wrestling and no throwing elbows; holding and kneeing are allowed only once.

Buakaw Banchamek (Sombat Banchamek) will be aiming to become the first Thai fighter to ever win three K-1 championships.Buakaw Banchamek (Sombat Banchamek) will be aiming to become the first Thai fighter to ever win three K-1 championships.

Buakaw, a former two-time K-1 Champion (2004, 2006) at the 70 kg weight class, will be competing for his third championship title for this prestigious event.  Eriko Kehl, from Germany, is known to be an exceptional fighter having defeated many Thai fighters previously including Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn, BerNueng Topkings boxing, and Jao Chalarm Chatkanokyim.

The two fighters went head-to-head once already towards the end of 2013 in an event called “Max MuayThai” in Khon Kaen province where Buakaw came up big and claimed his victory with a unanimous decision.

Aside from the main event between Buakaw and Eriko, the event will feature many other interesting bouts.  To name a few; Paul Daley vs Mohamad Ghaedibardeh, Li Yankun vs Andre Dida Amade, Maximo Suarez vs Tural Bayramov, Andre Kulebin vs Lee Sung-Hyun, Superbon Banchamek vs Janrob Poompanmuang, Prakaisang Kaiyanghadow vs Cherngrob Poompanmuang Windysport, and Kongsiam Tor. Pitakchai vs Payakburapa Por. Burapa.

Action at the Indoor Athletics Stadium starts at 18:00 and tickets can be purchased at all branches of Thai Ticket Major or at the stadium.  Prices are set at 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000 THB per ticket.  Live broadcast via Channel 7 will be between 22:30-24:30.

For more information go to facebook page: www.facebook.com/k1thailand.