Joy has a day to remember

Pin, Joy and Am.
Pin, Joy and Am.

PSC Golf from The Billabong Bar

Monday, July 9, Treasure Hill – Stableford

Treasure Hill was our venue today for a rainbow event and what a day it was. The course was virtually empty, with just a single player in front of our 4 groups. The day was fine and sunny but not hot and the course was in great condition, although with a lot of work being done on the tee blocks.

Even playing a rainbow event this course is a true test of golf and with 6 from the red you can still stuff up a hole as some of us found out to our cost – just as bad as if you played the hole from the whites or yellows.

Whatever happened, it was a fun day out and the scores showed that with Greig Ritchie taking third place with 32 points, and a count back was needed between Gerard Lambert and Chris Dodd, both on 34 points, with Chris taking the top spot with 22 points on the back nine to Gerard’s 18.

Wednesday, July 11, Green Valley – Stableford

It is difficult to remember when we witnessed more activity around the course than we did today. There were workers on the new entrance to the course, green staff with strimmers were all over the place, a lorry with staff spraying weed killer, trees being demolished and most amazing and never seen before, three fairway mowers being operated simultaneously on the same fairway.

The course was not the only place where activity could be seen for there was plenty from the Billabong regulars, not least from Miss Joy. We have all had those days when all our shots appear to be straight out of the best coaching books and that certainly happened to Joy for she had a day never to be forgotten with 46 points, 25 of those on the back-nine. Any other day, Miss Am would have had a chance of top spot with 41 points but she was still managed to be 5 points up on Miss Pin in third place, let down by six 1-pointers.

Bill Collis had 3 disappointing holes on the front nine to occupy third place with 38 points, one behind Selwyn Wegner who hardly put a foot wrong on the first 9 holes for 23 points but his attack misfired thereafter with a blob and two 1 pointers for 39 points. Mickael Anderson also had 23 points on the outward half, copying Selwyn on the way home but without the blob for 40 points in total.

Three 2s today came from Tony Oaks, Glynn Davies and Peter Thomas.

Friday, July 13, Burapha – Stableford

Burapha A and B loops today and what condition the course was in, an absolute pleasure to play. The time we teed off the place was empty and the six groups playing were all on the course by 9.35.

The setup must have been easy today going by the scores, with 39 only getting a mention on count-back. Out of the 6 groups there were only 3 that didn’t score better than 30 points, a feat in itself.

Coming in fourth place was Helmut Hebstriet with 39 points, him beating Glyn Davies on a count-back. Taking third was Rick Culley with 40 points, second went to Glenn Smith with 41, and that could have been a good deal better, but the man on top with 42 points was Bill Collis after only 2 days playing with the Billabong and in both days he was in the prizes.

There were three ‘2’s, coming from Rick Culley, Ramsay Smith and Gerard Lambert.