Jim’s the count-back boy

(From left) Mark Wood with Eddy Beilby, Jim Elphick and Mick Beresford.
(From left) Mark Wood with Eddy Beilby, Jim Elphick and Mick Beresford.

The Players’ Lounge Golf Society

Sunday, Sept. 10, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Jim Elphick (33) 38pts

2nd Eddy Beilby (22) 38pts

3rd Barry Copestake (24) 38pts

4th Mark Watkins (23) 38pts

Near Pins: No8 Jim Bell, No 16 Mick Beresford.

A good sized field arrived at Green Valley for the regular Sunday bash.  The course was in fine condition and the weather cooperated also, at least until the first group reached the 17th hole when a storm halted play for about 25 minutes.  At this point Mark Watkins had amassed 38 points and was certainly in the driving seat.  When the game restarted he lost all concentration as he managed to ‘no-score’ the last two holes and this was to prove costly as the podium places were decided on a count-back.

The man who emerged with the biggest smile was Jim Elphick while Eddy ‘the Eagle’ Beilby swooped in for the flight silver.  Barry ‘the boot’ Copestake picked up the bronze and this left poor Mark cursing his luck as he got to close the flight out.

Tuesday, Sept. 12, Bangpra – Stableford

1st Mark Watkins (23) 36 pts

2nd William Macey (24) 34 pts

3rd Mick Beresford (17) 30 pts

Near Pins: Billy Eyles

The task at hand this Tuesday was the always popular Bangpra Golf Club.  We had two groups out and found the course in great shape, although the greens were not quite their usual speed.

Mark Watkins reversed Sunday’s count-back defeat and did it in the same fashion.  Standing on the 17th tee he ‘no-scored’ the two remaining holes but thankfully he already had enough points to give him his first win with the TPL.

Mark was two strokes clear of William Macey and this left the golf manager Mickey ‘Nine Holes’ Beresford to round out the podium.

Friday, Sept. 15, Emerald G.C. – Stableford

1st Jim Elphick (30) 41pts

2nd Jim Brackett (6) 39pts

3rd Henri Copperstone (5) 38pts

4th Mark Wood (11) 37pts

5th Tony Oaks (16) 36pts

It was another fine day at Emerald, a course that can easily destroy you’re game if you are not on top form.  There was just one flight but with five prize places up for grabs.

The man of the match was Jim Elphick who finished the week off as he started it, by standing atop of the podium with a splendid 41 points.  Big Jim Brackett claimed the flight silver with a rock solid 39 points, Henri Copperstone took the bronze a stroke back and Mark Wood clinched the fourth spot with a solid 37 points.  This left Tony ‘the glove’ Oaks to close the flight podium with a even par round.