Jim Boy wins the day


Phoenix Members Golf Society

Before I report on the Tuesday game, Sept. 3, I would like to start with congratulating Bill Hewiit who after the previous Friday’s game cemented his place at the top of the Blue Olive player of the month league table.  His combined best three scores of August totalled 111 points, winning by a margin of 2 from David Lusha & John Clift, each with 109 points. 

The Blue Olive owner is also sponsoring an annual prize for the player of the year which will be decided by the best two scores of each month adding up to a grand total at the end of January each year.  At present, with 3 months scores entered, yours truly is just in the lead by one point only.  Still, plenty of time for someone else to take the lead!

Tuesday’s winners pose with staff at The Relax Bar.Tuesday’s winners pose with staff at The Relax Bar.

So, on to Tuesday’s golf and Jim Neilson played very steady to notch up 38 points and take the week’s prize.  Shame Richard Baldwin was not here.  He normally donates a voucher on the first Tuesday of the month for the winner to go and have a day in his ladies beauty salon.  Believe me, Jim could do with it!

Bill Hewiit (left) receives the player of the month prize for August.Bill Hewiit (left) receives the player of the month prize for August.

In second place was Joris Goetschalckx with 37 points and I know Joris was disappointed as normally at Phoenix 37 is enough to win.  Third place went to Patrick Browne, who said he had been away for so long he would not be able to play well for some time, but today he came in with 36 points.   Well done you three guys!

The near pins were difficult to achieve with some of the tees being a little back and the flagsticks being in difficult positions.  However the greens are the same size and it’s amazing how many amateur players think they are professionals and try to hit the ball right next to the flagstick, and throw their club in disgust because they are 2 feet off the short side of the green.  So, only two near pins were won outright today with the other two going to an open lucky draw.  Recipients of these prizes were Colin Gregg and David Lusha (proper winners) and David Lusha (again) and Tim Dalton in the lucky draw.

Other lucky draw winners today were the scribe (free massage), Rod Gregg (free drink), both of these prizes donated by our hosts The Relax Bar, and Werner Scharz (50 baht).

There is still no news regarding the new ownership of Phoenix G.C. but I can tell you that the Ocean course has undergone major landscape and tee/greens work and is due to open early November.  At this point in time things are the same in terms of green fees etc. with Tuesday at 900 baht and Friday at 1,000 baht green fee.  High season starts 1st November (I think?) and it is envisaged that there will be updated rules set by the new owners by then.  We wait with baited breath.