Jeff & Brian go hard at Greenwood


PSC Golf from Mulligans Lakeside

Tuesday, August 21, Treasure Hill – Stableford

Tuesday we travelled north along Hwy 331 to Treasure Hill where we were greeted with Sport Day rates, a good course and not too hot weather with a light breeze – perfect conditions really for a great day of golf!

This course is often maligned as a being a bit too challenging for some, but it is currently in good condition and that is what handicaps are for after all.  Willem Lasonder (21) got away to a very good start with 19 points on the front 9, but came home in an ambulance with only 12 on the back, to be run over by the fast finishing Jeff Wylie (5) with 35 points.  Jeff was probably a bit lucky as Owen went back and played from the Blacks today as a test for himself and shot a creditible 85.  Off the Whites he may well have edged Jeff.

Willem, Mam, Dave & Clive. Willem, Mam, Dave & Clive.

Near Pins were shared between Jeff & Stan ‘the man’.

Thursday, August 23, Greenwood – Stableford

On Thursday we drove past Treasure Hill on the way to Greenwood, with B & A our combination for the day.  This venue is nowhere near as testing as TH, so there were a lot more good scores handed in on this day.

We had approached the day with some trepidation after reading some negative course reports, but I am pleased to say these appeared to be unfounded, as all in attendance considered the course in good nick, maybe a little on the dry side.

Jeff Wylie (5) & Brian Maddox (20), playing in the same group, had a real battle on the back 9, after front 9s of 19 & 17 respectively.  A 4-pointer on the last to Brian (his second of the day) saw him record 21 points to Jeff’s 20, however he had given just a touch too much start to Jeff.

Owen & Mam had returned 36 points, good enough to be in the frame most days.  It was good to see K & Mam return & Dave Arrowsmith also, on a short holiday from UK.

Near Pins were shared around today between Dave, Mam, Willem and the begging Clive.

Note:  Mulligans Lakeside plays golf generally on Tuesday & Thursday, with ML hosting prompt presentations on both days.  Call 089 094 1841 for scheduling or enquiries.  Hope to see you there, cheers & good golfing!