Jacob Olsen’s 42 points are week’s best


PSC Golf from Colin’s Bar

Sunday, June 12 Green Valley Stableford

Just 8 players turned up today after a long pool session in the Phantom Bar last night, when all the challenges were laid down. But in the cold light of day at 8.30 am on a Sunday morning there were only 8. Still we made 2 x 4 balls. The first, Christen Boysen, Phil Davies, Mogen’s Melander & New Satita went off at a fast pace and soon left the 2nd group in the distance.

No-one was setting the place on fire with Phil & Christen locked into 32 pts. apiece with Phil getting the nod on countback. Christen did claim a 2. Mogen’s & New were tied on 26 pts.

In the 2nd group were new comer J.P. Maffray, Stan Stewart, Bent Larsen & the Donkey. This group really struggled with J.P. taking the honors with 30 pts. and new member Stan 3 shots back on 27 pts.

The Donkey has finally found out what’s been wrong all week, the grip on his driver is slipping on the shaft, hence all the slices. A new grip will be fitted.

Bent was a shadow of his former self of last week with 45 pts. at Silky Oak, this week with only 21 pts. at Green Valley. Stan shared the 2’s pot with Christen.

1st Phil Davies (13) 32 pts.

2nd Christen Boysen (8) 32 pts.

2s Christen Boysen & Stan Stewart.

Monday, June 13 Pattavia Stableford 

12 players today so 3 x 4 balls. The usual lightning greens of Pattavia had just been hollow tined and this seemed to give a strange range of scores.

We welcomed newcomers Tom Mills and Greg Perfrement, along with old friends Sunny Khana and Jacob Olsen. Some of these newcomers made their mark.

With just a small field we just had 1 flight with two near pins and one long putt.

Leading the way was that quietly spoken but deadly Viking, Jacob Olsen with 42 pts off his 10 hcp. He was followed by the darling of Walking St Tip Briney (the only tip he gives is his name) with 40 pts., and poor old Barry Oats with 39 pts., just outside the frame. At least Barry got a near pin. The longest putt went to the winner Jacob Olsen.

Back at Colin’s Golf Bar after the free food & presentation we had the lucky draw which was won by 1st timer Tom Mills to his great surprise.

1st Jacob Olsen (10) 42 pts.

2nd Tip Briney (22) 40 pts.

Near Pins: Jacob Olsen & Barry Oats

Long Putt: Jacob Olsen

Wednesday, June 15 Bangpakong Riverside Stableford

14 players out today for the long trip to Bangpakong and when we got there we were a bit disappointed with the condition of the course. Despite all the recent rain there were plenty of bare patches on the fairways. The greens were OK but they have just started to hollow tine them. Apart from that the game went smoothly with very few cars on the car park.

The 1st group, being a 3 ball, flew round with Phil Davies, Marco Beer and Nim Cheychaoo. Maybe the speed of play was not good for scoring with Phil top with 32 pts., Nim 31 pts., and Marco 27 pts.

The next group, Colm O’Donavan, Greg Perfrement, Peter Hynard and Sunny Khana, took their time and it reflected in the scores with Colm on top with 35 pts,. Greg one back on 34 pts., Peter 32 pts., and Sunny with 31 pts.

Then came another 3 ball, with Gerd Reidler, Steve Truelove and Walter Baechli. Steve was the man in this group with 36 pts., Gerd with 32 pts., and Rainbow with 30 pts.

Finally came the misfits Neil Smith, Stan Stewart, Stuart Mann and the Donkey. This group finished 4 holes behind the group in front. This might have had something to do with the number of shots taken and the lost balls, but with no one behind, it was no problem. Suffice to say, the misfits did not figure in the prize presentation, but Stan did win the lucky draw back at the bar.

1st Steve Truelove (7) 36 pts.

2nd Colm O’Donavan (20) 35 pts.

3rd Greg Perfrement (23) 34 pts.

Near Pins: Steve Truelove & Peter Hynard

Long Putts: Stuart Mann

Friday 17th June Burapha A & B Stableford

A big field to-day with 40 players boosted by an influx of Simon Spalding’s party from Melbourne. We got off about 20 mins before the 10.00am scheduled tee time and everything was running smoothly until the rain came. But this was short lived and this scribe was just at a drink station so was completely dry all day long.

The course was in its usual excellent condition and the management gave us a couple of free green fees because of the size of the field and our continued patronage throughout the year.

We had 3 flights with 3 places in each, plus 4 near pins and 2 longest putts.

We welcomed back from a long layoff Dave Stockman who seems to have had a good rest and he came back stronger than ever with 38 pts for 2nd place in A flight, just one behind A flight winner Rob Knight. Peter Burton finished 3rd losing out on countback to Dave.

In B flight Ian (San Miguel) Pickles shook of the cobwebs to take the flight with 39 pts., followed by the ever present Sunny Khana who beat Peter Hynard on countback with 37 pts.

In C flight Shane Fenton was top gun with 38 pts., followed by Stuart Mann 36 pts. and Jason M’Donald also 36 pts.

The near pins were claimed by Adam Farrell with 2, Peter Hynard & Peter Burton.

The longest putts won by Sunny Khana & Greg Treineer.

Back at Colin’s Golf Bar we were treated to a traditional Thai chicken & cashew nuts & masaman curry & rice.

The draw for the comp green fees at Burapha went to Jacob Olsen & Colin Davis.

The lucky Draw winner was not on the premises so it will carry over till Tuesday next week.

A flight

1 Rob Knight (11) 39 pts.

2 Dave Stockman (10) 38 pts.

3 Peter Burton (11) 38 pts.

B flight

1 Ian Pickles (13) 39 pts.

2 Sunny Khana (14) 37 pts.

3 Peter Hynard (12) 37 pts.

C flight

1 Shane Fenton (18) 38 pts.

2 Stuart Mann (20) 37 pts.

3 Jason M’Donald (19) 36 pts.