Jack the surprise winner of Birthday Cup


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, July 9, Burapha – Stableford

The start of a new week, kicked off with a joint Birthday Cup (hosted by Peter & Rosco) here at Burapha on the A & B loops; no respite for the 36 participants, the long blue tees nominated as the tee of the day.  The course was generally in good shape with near perfect greens but the long tufty areas of grass around some of the green-side bunkers seems a little harsh on us mere amateurs.

At last it was time for the ‘General’ to demonstrate that he could still play this game called golf and albeit that his handicap has drifted out to incredible 20, he put a round together today playing to 13 to score a massive 43pts to comfortably win the day by four and to see his handicap reduced by 2.

Rosco & Peter, left, with Suzi, Bob Lindborg, Barnsey and Jack, the overall winner, relax after Monday’s round at Burapha. Rosco & Peter, left, with Suzi, Bob Lindborg, Barnsey and Jack, the overall winner, relax after Monday’s round at Burapha.

One of the Birthday boys, Pete Stonebridge, had the next best score (39) to win Div B from Wayne Cotterill (38) and the other Birthday Boy, Rosco, was runner-up in Div A; scoring 38pts to Barnsey’s 39.  In Div C the average scoring was somewhat lower, maybe some reflection on the very long holes with some of the blue tee boxes pushed right back but the winner was course specialist, Bob Lindborg who plotted his way round for his 34pts, winning from On Lloyd (32) and three more tied up on 30.

Back at the Outback, the co-sponsors provided all the players with a barbecue as well as special prizes for the four near pins; vouchers for Peter’s Classroom Bar in Pattayaland 2 and Rosco’s Good Everything Bar (opp. Soi Honey in 2nd Road) added three dozen Titleist NXT balls to the mix.

Thanks for day Pete & Rosco and Happy Birthday to you both!


1st Jack Moseley (20) 43pts

Div A (0-12)

1st Robert Barnes (12) 38pts

2nd Rosco Langoulant (12) 37pts

Div B (13-19)

1st Pete Stonebridge (15) 39pts

2nd Wayne Cotterell (13) 37pts

Div C (20+)

1st Bob Lindborg (21) 34pts

2nd On Lloyd (27) 32pts

Best Aggregate Scores:  Front Nine: 22pts – Adam Oyston; Back Nine: 23pts – Pete Stonebridge; Par 5’s: 13pts Robert Barnes; Par 4’s: 25pts – Wayne Cotterell; Par 3’s: 11pts – Suzi Lawton, Jack Moseley; Most Holes Under Par: 3 – Ian Heddle, Robert Barnes.

Tuesday, July 10, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

So what’s going on?  The General’s out again and tucking another win under his belt as just eight players competed at PCC today.  It wasn’t a massive score (only 32pts) but a win is a win; Jack beating Jim Payne on count back.

Alex Graham, left, and Adam Oyston.Alex Graham, left, and Adam Oyston.

It was tough playing here today, particularly as many of us played at Burapha yesterday and one could hardly compare the two courses; here the ball can get some terrible lies even on the fairways and the greens are generally on the slow side – except the second.

Finally, welcome back to Eddie O’Neill.

There were a couple of ‘2’s from Nigel Cannon & Geoff Moodie.

1st Jack Moseley (18) 32pts

2nd Jim Payne (26) 32pts

Tuesday, July 10, Laem Chabang – Stableford

10 Outbackers (only 8 in the comp.) played at Laem Chabang on Mountain and Valley (A & B) on a day that started with a delay due to rain and ended in brilliant sunshine.  The course itself was in great condition and has been set up great for the Singha sponsored (ATGT) Tournament, when the Outback will have a team playing in the Pro-Am on Wednesday (18th).

We played from the white tees and the markers were all on the correct ones for a change but it’s still not long at 6100yds.  Carts were not allowed on the fairways and some (fairways) were a little soggy underfoot so we played ‘lift clean and place’ but most of the fairways were good and the bunkers were in great condition.  The greens were superb, fast and true.

Pace of play was slow as a five-ball held up the whole field and even the marshalls were reluctant to move them along as one of the owners was part of the group.

Steve Mann had his best round in Thailand with 74 gross for 43 points and only just won the day from Martin Kingswood who had 42 points and continues to be the big improver over the last twelve months.  Martin is now down to a 13 handicap and is playing great golf.

There were three ‘2’s from Steve Mann & Martin Kingswood (14th hole) and Barnsey (17th).

1st Steve Mann (9) 43pts

2nd Martin Kingswood (14) 42pts

Wednesday, July 11, Siam Plantation – Stableford

This treasure of a course is on the doorstep of the Outback and it’s a pleasure to play here at the Sport Day rate of 2350 Baht, which includes your caddie and compulsory cart.  One of the best nines in the area would have to be Sugarcane (A) which we were fortunate to play as our back nine having started on Tapioca (B).

There was a slight delay at the start as a couple of lads were held up by the police right outside the course having to wait for the VIP procession to pass, however the course was not busy and the delay did not affect any other groups.

If there is one thing that spoils the course, it has to be the cart path only rule for the carts; so your ball is right over the other side of the fairway and your caddie comes across with the wrong clubs, it’s not her fault, she’s doing her best – so you make do with what she’s brought or do you send her back?

Apart from that, everything is immaculate and I guess that’s what you pay for and overall it has to be worth it.  The Outback is here every Wednesday (except Weds 29th Aug. on Hua Hin trip) until the end of the low season, which is September at Plantation, you’re welcome to join us.

Big Steve Poznanski started the day with a massive drive which he pulled left into the red grass hazard only about 100 yards from the hole; unable to find his ball, he took his penalty drop and hit a wedge onto the green some 50 feet from the hole.  He then sank this long curling putt and walked off with a par and one up in the match.  Hmmm.

Steve the wiped the next, parred the third and wiped the next – but that’s how it is with him.  He ended up with 36pts, enough to win the day from Alex Graham (33pts) and welcome back Alex & Peter, with Suzi in third on 30.

There were no ‘2’s.

1st Steve Poznanski (15) 36pts

2nd Alex Graham (8) 33pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (17) 30pts

Wednesday, July 11, Treasure Hill – Stabelford

11 golfers travelled to Treasure Hill for the day and the course was lightly booked but our groups were still held up by a three-ball that found a lot of trouble around the course.

The course unfortunately was not at its best as some fairways and greens had not been cut and a couple of greens had just been sanded.  Like a lot of the “B” courses they don’t seem to be able to keep up a proper maintenance programme and the course suffers and so do the golfers.

The tees have all been upgraded over the last twelve months and are by far the best part of the course at present; the greens overall suffered as some were good because they had been cut, some hadn’t and some were sanded.  The course itself is tough, a great test for any golfer and has some very experienced and good caddies but needs to be better maintained.

The day was hot to start with and got hotter when the thunderstorms built up, then got cooler as the clouds came over but luckily the storms all went around us and we completed our round without getting wet.

The winner for the day was Adam Oyston with 35 points off his 16 handicap; Adam had 12 points on the front and 23 on the back which was great golf and a good recovery.  Second was Dale Shier (welcome back) who had a consistent round that netted 34 points off his 13 handicap and third was John Player with 33 points.

There were four ‘2’s from Eddie Beilby & Tim Knight (13th) & Steve Mann & Adam Oyston (17th).

1st Adam Oyston (16) 35pts

2nd Dale Shier (13) 34pts

3rd John Player (20) 33pts

Friday, July 13, Green Valley – Stableford

26 Outbackers here, for the second week of our earlier 9.30 starts.  Pete Stonebridge had the best score of the day (39pts) to win Div A by three from four players all on 36pts; David Dunstan, Robert Barnes, Joe Mooneyham and Ian Heddle.

Bob Lindborg won Div B with 37pts from another three with 36pts; namely Barry McIntosh, Rob Earle and Adam Oyston.

There were three ‘2’s from David Dunstan, Ian Heddle & Robert Barnes.

Div A (0-15)

1st Pete Stonebridge (14) 39pts

2nd David Dunstan (5) 36pts

3rd Robert Barnes (12) 36pts

Div B (15+)

1st Bob Lindborg (21) 37pts

2nd Barry McIntosh (21) 36pts

3rd Rob Earle (23) 36pts

Best Aggregate Scores: Front Nine: 21pts – Ian Heddle, Adam Oyston; Back Nine: 21pts – David Dunstan; Par 5’s: 13pts – Robert Barnes; Par 4’s: 24pts – Bob Lindborg; Par 3’s: 10pts – Joe Mooneyham, Adam Oyston, Robert Barnes; Most Holes Under Par: 3 – Robert Barnes, David Dunstan

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list.