It’s Byrne’s Day at Phoenix


Phoenix Tuesday Golf Group

Well at last the rains have moved from the daytime to the night time, thus giving us a rain free day on Oct. 19.  What a difference in the temperatures.  However, because the rain is still abundant during the night we have to implement winter conditions and allow placing on the fairways (hopefully?)

Winning golfers and staff back at the Relax Bar.

Today we had to play the Ocean and Mountain courses (in that order).  This is not the best way to play a stableford at Phoenix because both nines have the same stroke index numbers (all odd).  The reason this becomes a problem is because any player with an odd number handicap can only claim his top shot on one of the nines.

This discrepancy only becomes a problem if the player is in contention for a prize, so the best looking cards for the day have to be rechecked at the presentation and duly changed (we don’t disqualify in our group, we merely adjust -unless we find someone blatantly cheating and that’s never happened yet).

As the headline suggests, it was the lovable Wexford giant of a man himself, (Mr. Blarney) Hugh Byrne, who took all the honours on the day.  Not only did he win all the near pins but he triumphed in the main competition as well with a superb 42 points.  Little wonder that he also took all the spoils in the little match-play game we had.  For the rest of the group it was a case of the seven dwarfs!

In second place with another good score was (Mr. Quiet) Kristinn Helgason with 39 points and claiming third place with 35 points was the ever consistent (Mr. Chirpy) Stuart Gordon.

Back at the Relax Bar the only thing left for the rest of us after the main prizes was the lucky draws.  The first one went to (Mr. Glum) Peter Harris, who seems to win something in the lucky draw nearly every week.  The free beer went to (Mr. Happy) Phil Kington and the free massage went to (Mr. New Swing) Clive Robinson.

The free beer and the free massage are donated by our hosts the management of the Relax Bar every week.

Unfortunately, (Mr. Jack Russell) that would be myself, along with (Mr. Spurs) ended up with bxxxxr all, except a good reason to get pleasantly plastered by the end of the night.

Note:  The end of this month sees the so called high season in full swing and any non member of Phoenix who would like to join in the fun can enjoy a reduced green fee at 1,000 baht as a guest of the members within the group.  The group is men only and 28 handicap maximum allowance.  Our first tee times are from 12.00 noon every Tuesday.

If you are interested please call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565 and I will be glad to welcome you to the group.