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PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Feb. 3, Green Valley – Monthly Medal

A Flight

1st Clinton Hazlet t (12) net 68

2nd Peter LeNoury (10) net 71

3rd Bob Newell (8) net 72

B Flight

1st Barry Tregurtha (18) net 67

2nd Eddy Beilby (18) net 72

3rd Dave Driscoll (15) net 74

C Flight

1st Jez Lees (19) net 72

2nd Ronny Walfridsson (23) net 76

3rd John Deardon (19) net 78

Near Pins:  No 4 Erwin Haffiner, No 9 Jez Lees, No 12 Dave Driscoll, No 16 Dave Shelton.

Green Valley is typically set up in a forgiving configuration for the weekly Sunday outing; that is forward tees, but even that can not dampen the quality of Barry Tregurtha with a sparkling net 67 that won B Flight and the monthly medal for Feb 2013.  Barry was also awarded the lead crystal cut glass and a bottle of Jameson’s whiskey.  Needles to say, Barry’s Name will be etched on the Lewiinski’s wall of shame.

Sunday’s medal winner - Barry Tregurtha.Sunday’s medal winner – Barry Tregurtha.

Eddy ‘the Eagle’ Beilby was perched on the second tier of the podium with a creditable even par round.  Dave Driscol had played a steady game as he took the bronze, accompanied with a near pin and a 2.

‘The Principle’ was playing near his best as he took the C Flight honours with a steady even par game.  He also collected a near pin and a 2.  Ronnie Walfridsson with a net 67 return took the silver as John Deaden’s tips from Yui paid off as he out raced Jan Johansson and Barry Oats for the remaining flight spot.

Aussie Clint Hazlet, who is establishing himself as a very consistent player in A Flight, took the top spot with a rock solid net 68.  Clint was followed up the podium steps by Peter ‘the right honorable’ LeNoury with a net 71 as ‘Broad more’ Newell (he had to be there) closed the flight with a steady even par round.

The scribe turned out to play today with long time friends Brian Lewis and Sonny Crawford.  It was great to meet up again – pity the standard of golf remains the same as all three of us carded no returns.

Pierre Bietry was the third member to pocket a very healthy 2.

Monday, Feb. 4, Greenwood A&B – Stableford

A Flight

1st Pen Caruthers (14) 39pts

2nd Peter Kelly (9) 36pts

3rd Ian Dallas (9) 35pts

B Flight

1st David Dunne (19) 36pts

2nd Gerry Roche (20) 35pts

3rd Fergus O’Brien (25) 34pts

It was off to one of the most entertaining venues, the Wolveridge and Thomson designed Greenwood, for the day and nobody was more entertained than Pen Caruthers who not only eclipsed the senior flight by three points but also garnered one of the four 2’s on the day.

Irish men took control of B Flight, headed by steady and omnipresent David Dunne with a fine even par round.  Gerry Roche and the jovial Fergus O’Brien were stringed out in one stroke increments in that order.

Jim Bell, Terry Mangan and Ron O’Keefe shared the ‘2’s pot with Pen.

Wednesday, Feb. 6, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st Bob Watson (3) 36pts

2nd Pat Duane (10) 34pts

3rd Peter Lenoury (10) 31pts

4th Dave Shelton (8) 30pts

B Flight

1st Athur Busch (17) 34pts

2nd Nick Odnoral (16) 33pts

3rd Billy Briton (15) 32pts

4th Chris Barrett (14) 32pts

C Flight

1st Sean Soden (21) 32pts

2nd John Heaney (19) 32pts

3rd Peter Henshaw (20) 30pts

4th Bill Peach (23) 29pts

Bob Watson started the day with glee as he noted that he had made it to 2-5 on the latest handicap sheet.  Well irony of ironies, Bob didn’t need that extra shot as he headed A Flight and the marauding primates with 2 shots to spare over Pat Duane.  Peter ‘the right honorable’ LeNoury a further three shots back picked up the bronze, as the on-form Dave Shelton closed the flight.

Sean Soden found his winning ways but had to rely on all his luck in a count back with fellow Irishman John Heaney as both were locked on 32 points.  Peter ‘Don O’corleone’ Henshaw with 30 points was good for the bronze, as Englishman William Peach tided up the flight and stopped the Irish boys in their tracks.

The middling flight saw old friend Arthur Busch atop the podium with 34 points.  Nick ‘always there or there abouts’ Odnoral took the silver a shot back.

Billy Briton, and nice guys Chris Bassett and Pierre ‘the magician’ Bietry, were a further shot back but alas the nice guys finished fourth and nowhere, especially when you’re up against the guile of Billy Briton in a count back.

Pat Duane, Les Cobban, Nick Ordinal and Tom Gorey divvied up the 2’s pot.

Friday, Feb. 8, Plutaluang – Stableford

A Flight

1st Jerry McCarthy (13) 38pts

2nd Bob Watson (3) 37pts

3rd Pat Duane (10) 36pts

4th Les Cobban (9) 35pts

B Flight

1st Roland Bangerter (18) 35pts

2nd Ken Blinco (17) 34pts

3rd Jeff Horsfield (14) 33pts

4th Colin Davis (18) 32pts

C Flight

1st Brian Cooper (28) 36pts

2nd Jorn Finnerup (28) 34pts

3rd Per Brandisford (22) 34pts

4th Torben Oen (27) 33pts

It was off to Plutaluang navy course today on what was an unusually hot day for this time of year.  Not hot enough to hinder Irishman Jerry McCarthy though, nor the red hot thunder from down under Bob Watson, as they were the only two players to better par on the day to finish first and second in the premier flight on 38 and 37 points respectively.  Jerry’s fine score included two 2’s.

Pat Duane’s solid even par round took third as Les Cobban filled the flight a further shot back.

In a very competitive and tight B Flight it was Roland Bangerter who triumphed on 35 points, so beating runner up in the flight Ken Blinco by a single shot.  Ken in turn beat Jeff Horsfield by the same margin as Jeff did the same to ‘the Donkey’ as Colin closed the flight.

In C Flight Brian ‘mini Cooper found even par good enough for the top spot.  Brian was two shots clear of Jorn Finnerup and Per Brandisford with Jorn having the more favorable inward nine.  Torben Oen completed the day’s podium places with 33 points.

Reg McKay, Barry Copestake, Jim Bell and Barry Elphick shared the 2’s pot with Jerry.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya land Soi 1, Beach Rd Soi13/13 near Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.