Ito masters the greens at Phoenix


Travellers Rest Golf Group

It was Loy Krathong (Light Festival) in Thailand last week, where the people go down to the nearest stretch of water whether that is by the sea, or by a river, lake or even the village pond to float their decorated baskets lit with candles.  There are also normally plenty of fireworks and large paper lanterns full of hot air ascending into the heavens to mark the occasion and it is quite an awesome sight.  It would definitely not pass health and safety regulations back in the UK but who cares.  It is certainly an occasion not to be missed when you visit Thailand.

A few of our golfers this past week tried to get in the right spirit by attempting to float their golf balls across the numerous water hazards on the golf courses of Pattaya.  I can report that not one succeeded.

Monday, Nov. 23, Phoenix – Stableford

On Monday the TRGG headed over to Phoenix to once again play the Mountain and Ocean courses.  Now whether it is the continuous downpours we are still getting at the end of the rainy season or whether it is caused by overuse I don’t know, but the greens were generally a bit ropey on what is normally a well-manicured golf course.  In a field of over forty golfers, which were split into three divisions, there were only four who bettered their handicap and most complained that the reason for that was down to the state of the greens.  Hope things improve soon otherwise numbers wishing to play will drop away very quickly.

Ito Akitoshi.

In Division 1 it was good to see Ito Akitoshi back at the top of the leader board, it has been a long time coming Ito.  In second place Ian Bell, who is always near the top, had another good round followed by the ever reliable Mike Rushant.

In Division 2, Paul Stanton again showed he knows how to win by just getting the better of Billy Ostle who finished a point behind.  Joe Depasquale took third place after losing out to Billy on a count back.

In Division 3 Mint Siphardee got her first win of the year so she was a happy bunny.  Robert Asanuma finished one shot behind and Jack Macnamara took third spot.

Div.1 (0-11)

1st Ito Akitoshi (9) 39pts

2nd Ian Bell (6) 36pts

3rd Mike Rushant (7) 34pts

Div.2 (12–16)

1st Paul Stanton (12) 34pts

2nd Billy Ostle (13) 33 pts

3rd Joe Depasquale (12) 33pts

Div.3 (17+)

1st Mint Siphardee (35) 39pts

2nd Robert Asanuma (17) 38pts

3rd Jack Macnamara (19) 33pts

Tuesday, Nov. 24, Burapha – Stableford

On Tuesday it was back to Burapha (A and B courses) where nobody has a problem with the state of the greens and once again the scoring was very high.

Tristan Gilbert.

In Division 1, Charlie Cox found things very much to his liking and returned to the club house with 39 points.  It did however take a count back before it was discovered he had just got the better of Joe Nagle.  Pat Harnett was one point behind in third.

In Division 2, Robert Asanuma finished one place higher than the day before at Phoenix and took first place with an outstanding 44 points.  Lawrence Lee was second and Bill Conway was third.

Div.1 (0-14)

1st Charlie Cox (13) 39pts

2nd Joe Nagle (14) 39pts

3rd Pat Harnett (14) 38pts

Div. 2 (15+)

1st Robert Asanuma (16) 44pts

2nd Lawrence Lee (21) 38pts

3rd Bill Conway (27) 34pts

Thursday, Nov. 26, Green Valley – Stableford

The TRGG circus moved on to Green Valley on Thursday, another golf course in tip top condition.  In Division 1, Tristan Gilbert took time off from wooing the young ladies of Pattaya to record his first win since last March.  He just got the better of Rocky Jones after a count back.  Roger Brocksopp, who a week ago couldn’t putt for toffee has obviously rediscovered the art and finished third.

Fergus Brennan.

In Division 2, Geoff Beckett bought himself a nice leaving present before he returned home to Blighty by amassing 41 points and finishing first.  Derek Thorogood finished in his usual second place and it was good to see A J (Arnold Jones) fly off with third place.

Div.1 (0-13)

1st Tristan Gilbert (13) 38pts

2nd Rocky Jones (6) 38pts

3rd Roger Brocksopp (12) 37pts

Div. 2 (14+)

1st Geoff Beckett (28) 41pts

2nd Derek Thorogood (14) 38pts

3rd Arnold Jones (15) 37pts

Friday, Nov. 27, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Khao Kheow (A and B courses) provided the challenge on Friday and it was the old warhorse Fergus Brennan showing he is still not ready for the knackers yard by finishing in the lead once again.  He sauntered into the winners enclosure ahead of Neil Bramley who took second place while Michael Maguire placed third..

1st Fergus Brennan (15) 35pts

2nd Neil Bramley (8) 34pts

3rd Michael Maguire (23) 33pts

Saturday, Nov. 28, Plutaluang – Stableford

On Saturday the TRGG golfers made a welcome return to Plutaluang (North and West courses) after a long absence.  Roger Brocksopp has now completely banished his putting problems and finished in first place on 35 points.  Billy Ostle was a shot behind in second and Paul Stanton slipped into third place.

1st Roger Brocksopp (12) 35pts

2nd Billy Ostle (13) 34pts

3rd Paul Stanton (12) 31pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG, please phone Derek Thorogood on 080 673 3118 or pop into the Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists which are posted on the notice board.