‘Hurricane’ Higgins blows the field away


Travellers Rest Golf Group

The move on Tuesday 4th September to the new TRGG headquarters at the Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee went off very smoothly thanks to half a dozen volunteers who gave up a day’s golf to lend a hand with the removals.

The night before we had a farewell get-together at our former home at the Bowling Green and judging by the amount of alcohol consumed that evening I imagine the bar takings increased tenfold for the month.  Many a sore head turned up on the Tuesday morning to start the removals but by lunchtime everybody had recovered and the work was complete.

Ged Higgins, winner at Phoenix with 45 pointsGed Higgins, winner at Phoenix with 45 points

The week had started off in fine style with TRGG visiting the beautiful course at Royal Lakeside which was a first for many of our party, including myself.  Playing a new course for the first time can be quite a challenge and so it proved.  You will gather from the name of the course that there is a fair amount of water to contend with and take it from me the golf ball manufacturers won’t be going out of business anytime soon.

Fergus Brennan (H/cap 13), who had played the course before, managed to overcome his shanking problem for the second Monday in succession, lost fewer golf balls than most, and came first with a very creditable 35 points.  Seems to me Fergus that the answer to your problem is only to play golf on a Monday and leave the rest of the week to everybody else!

Ged Higgins (19) came in a very close second only losing first place on count back while Michael Maguire (19) was third on 34 points.

On Tuesday 4th September, moving day, the rest of the golfers took on Green Valley and regular winner Seil Revels (4) again proved too good for the rest of the field, finishing in first place on 33 points.  Ron Gillett (27) was runner up with 30 points and Ebina Yoshiya came third also on 30 but losing out on count-back.

Thursday 6th September saw a larger field make our regular visit to Phoenix to play the Ocean and Lakes courses.  One player had a round to remember when everything came together and his ball kept disappearing down the hole.  Ged Higgins (19) was the man for whom everything came up smelling of roses and he returned with 45 points.  One minute Ged was smiling walking away with the prize money, next minute he was crying when he found out that his handicap had been cut by four strokes.  Easy come easy go Ged!

Ted Senior was the victor at Crystal BayTed Senior was the victor at Crystal Bay

Fergus Brennan (13) showed that Thursdays are also a non-shanking day as he finished in second with 38 points, which also saw a cut in his handicap.  That Welsh wizard Alun Webber, he with the strangest golf stance you will ever see on a golf course, came in third on 34 points.  Some unkind person stated his golf stance looks as though he is just about to service a sheep.  I make no further comment other than to say that in my opinion Alun is a fine upstanding member of our golfing community.

On Saturday 8th September it was the turn of Crystal Bay (A and B courses) to test the TRGG golfers.  Steady Teddy Senior (13) showed the others the way home with 34 points, with Tim Dalton (18) coming second on 33 after beating Michael Maguire on count-back.

Good luck to all you golfing enthusiasts for the coming week!