Hot Huw sets Christmas record

Phil Davies (centre) with Tip Briney (left) and Chris Walsh.
Phil Davies (centre) with Tip Briney (left) and Chris Walsh.

PSC Golf from The Pattaya Links Golf Society

Monday, Dec. 17, Burapha – Stableford

A Flight

1st Phil Davies (12) 41pts

2nd George Mueller (13) 36pts

3rd John Doyle (9) 35pts

4th Jason Pereira (4) 35pts

B Flight

1st Darren Beavers (17) 38pts

2nd Martin Patch (17) 36pts

3rd John Coetzee (22) 36pts

4th Frank Riley (26) 36pts

The society played its 150th competition round of the year on the A & B combination at Burapha on Monday, which was in its usual excellent condition with well grassed fairways and consistent greens.

The field of three dozen golfers was divided into two flights at fifteen and under. In the second flight three golfers recorded 36 points and countback was invoked, relegating Frank Riley to fourth place, behind his mate John Coetzee and runner-up Martin Patch. The flight winner was Darren Beavers with 38 points.

In the top flight, fourth place went to visitor Jason Pereira on 35 points, losing third on countback to John Doyle. Second place went to George Mueller with 36 points but the winner by a margin of five points was Phil Davies whose 41 points was his best round for a while. Here was one Welshman whose game was certainly on song.

Near pins went to Gerner Lykke, Olivier Tahon, Darren Beavers and Paul Chesney and the consolation awards for the best front nine went to Tommy Marshall with 20 points and Michael Wright with 19 points on the back nine.

The final presentation was a commemorative plaque which was donated by Burapha Golf Club to mark Maurice Roberts’ hole-in-one there one month ago.

Wednesday, Dec. 19, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Huw Phillips (14) 40pts

2nd Phil Davies (12) 37pts

3rd Maurice Roberts (13) 36pts

B Flight

1st Stan Stewart (17) 36pts

2nd Derek Phillips (18) 35pts

3rd Niels Peter Kristensen (21) 31pts

When you’re hot you’re hot, and Huw Phillips’ form right now is very hot. Scoring 40 points to win “A” flight today gave Huw his fourth green jacket for the month of December. Of course, the cries go out asking why his handicap doesn’t come down. It will in due course, that’s the system of USGA handicap.

Phil Davies backed up his 42 points haul at Burapha on Monday to record 37 points to take second spot, while the other half of the Links Duo, Maurice Roberts, was right behind the lead pair with 36 points.

Another who has been consistently in the winner’s circle is Stan Stewart and he took front and centre today to take out “B” flight with a very handy 36 points. Derek Phillips either has a very good game or a very ordinary game. Today was a good one, scoring 35 points for second place, and Niels Peter won a countback to secure third spot.

This Pleasant Valley course seems to change from very good condition to just okay condition. This time the fairways were drying out, and the ground staff had sprinklers in action, but at some places too much, resulting in some soggy patches among the dry. Greens had been sanded and, although quite quick, were patchy and varied.

Near pins were claimed by Colin Smith (x2), Michael Wright and Niels Peter while the consolation nine awards went to Simon Kendall with 17 points on the front nine and Colin Service with 18 down the home straight.

Friday, Dec. 21, Plutaluang – Stableford

A Flight

1st Huw Phillips (13) 44 pts

2nd John Doyle (9) 41pts

3rd Michael Wright (10) 40pts

4th Stan Stewart (17) 36pts

B Flight

1st Niall Caven (19) 42pts

2nd Gavin McDonald (18) 40pts

3rd John Heaney (33) 36pts

4th Tony Browne (18) 35pts

Huw Phillips.
Huw Phillips.

On Friday, the society made a rare visit to Plutaluang to play a stableford round on the West and North nines, for many the best combination here.

The course was in good condition, enabling some excellent scoring. Indeed the record was set for a PLGS competition score at Plutaluang, the best in more than twenty years of golf there with the group.

The eight groups of golfers were divided into two flights at seventeen and under. In the second flight, Tony Browne returned from a short trip to Cambodia to post 35 points for fourth place, one point behind third placed golfer John Heaney. In second was Gavin McDonald with an excellent 40 points, leaving Niall Caven’s 42 points the clear winner.

In the top flight, fourth place went to Stan Stewart with 36 points, whilst Michael Wright took third with 40. The runner-up was John Doyle with 41 points then Huw Phillips, running hot at present, took his fourth win in his last five rounds with a record breaking 44 points, which included a one-under gross on the back nine.

Near Pins went to Bart Bingham (W3), Darren Beavers (W8), Anders Pedersen (N3) and Mr Huw (N6) while the best front nine was 21 points (Peter Wallace) and the best back nine went to John Collias with 20 points.