Harrison stays the course at Phoenix

Vito Cirelli (right) with Len Jones.
Vito Cirelli (right) with Len Jones.

PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society

Wednesday, May 30, Phoenix – Stableford

1st Nigel Harrison (20) 37pts

2nd Mike Wang (8) 36pts

3rd Colin Service (20) 35pts

4th Tip Briney (21) 33pts

The Pattaya Links Golf Society made the short trip to Phoenix on Wednesday in perfect golfing weather and found the course in true “PHX Mode”, with the white tees well forward, fairways no more than OK and greens where putting was almost “possible”.

Most pins were tucked in corners of the green, within maybe six feet of the edge and in some cases only three feet. Of course, the majority were on the slopes running off the greens as well. It was even rumoured that the new pin-setter there is one Stevie Wonder.

For the record, results showed that fourth place went to Tip Briney with 33 points, Colin Service took third with 35, Mike Wang was second on 36 and Nigel Harrison topped the list with 37 points.

Friday, June 1,
The Emerald – Stableford

1st Vito Cirelli (10) 36pts

2nd Livio Marrone (5) 36pts

3rd Colin Service (20) 32pts

4th Mike Tottenham (22) 29pts

The proposed stableford event at Emerald was very much in doubt right up until the scheduled tee off time as we experienced the wettest May in years.

Until 11am the round was in doubt with flooded greens and soft fairways but in the event the round began only six minutes late with greens already drying out. It was a miracle and full marks to the small field, splendidly stewarded by Colin Service, for their fortitude on the day and as a result a close contest ensued.

Aussie golfer Mike Tottenham again made the frame with a fourth placed finish on 29 points whilst Colin Service again produced a good round, finishing on 32 points in third place.

Two Aussie/Italian golfers, Livio Marrone and Vito Cirelli, coming to the end of their first golfing experience in Thailand, went head-to-head over the eighteen holes with Vito’s extra point on the back nine just enough to take the win on countback, both with 36 points overall.

There were no technicals on this day but Tip Briney would have qualified for the wig had Mr Phil been back from his break in UK. Tip is left to wonder whether it will be presented in retrospect when the boss returns next week.