Hanscombe holds on for count back win


PSC golf from The Golf Club

Monday, November 14, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Nick Hanscombe (12) 36pts

2nd Joe Mooneyham (15) 36pts

3rd Mark Reid (9) 35pts

4th Peter Larsson (12) 34pts

A swirling and unpredictable wind caused our boys all sorts of trouble today, as reflected in the scores returned.  Normally a score in the high 30’s is required to even get in the places, in fact last week the winning score was a whopping 11 points better!  So it was a case of who could control their wind.

Thirty two was a very popular score today with no fewer than 7 guys posting that.  Amongst them were a couple of in-form players; Peter LeNoury and Henry ‘burglar’ O’Brien.  Pretty steady on the day boys but not quite good enough.  Nice to see an old, smiley face out there making a rare appearance, Ray Dell, but, unfortunately, he too couldn’t make an impact on the day.

Brad Gearie literally flew in for the start of his vacation.  Brad’s an airline pilot from Oz and a top fellow to boot and, although he put his flaps down and waggled his joystick furiously, he could only muster 30.

Peter Larsson grabbed 4th spot with a solid 34 points but, even if he hadn’t placed, he surely would have to have had some kind of prize.  Despite my advice he actually volunteered to play alongside Peter Hynard.  I cant believe there’s anyone who doesn’t know him but just in case; in Peters eyes he’s a suave and sophisticated wit and raconteur whereas in reality he’s more like a cross between Herman the German, Harold Steptoe and Worzel Gummidge!  So our Scandanavian friend deserved some reward, even though he did look a little shell-shocked at the end.  Peter, by the way, continued with his atrocious golf with a 26 point tally.

Mark ‘H2O’ Reid looked liked he’d shot 120 when he walked off when, in actual fact, he had a 35 point haul and missed out by only 1, taking third.  Wouldn’t like to play him at poker!  ‘Mighty’ Joe Mooneyham, last week’s run-away winner lost out on count back this week with 36/18.  Our top spot belonged to Nick ‘horizontal’ Hanscombe with 36/21.

Regular readers will know I have a penchant for putting little nick-names in (some guys have 5 or 6 different ones alone) and Nick’s comes from a certain laid back quality and I do mean laid back.  He sometimes has to be gently reminded that the bus is leaving, that he has inadvertently not paid his comp money or even pointed to face the correct way down the fairway but he’s never far away when it comes to the shake-up.  A great 3 over gross on the back settled the issue today an earned him top dog status.

Wednesday, November 16, Treasure Hill – Stableford

1st Stu Carr (24) 36pts

2nd Jari Lindstrom (14) 33pts

3rd Bob Newell (7) 33pts

There’s gold in them there hills alright but it sure isn’t easy to find.  Even with a couple of tees pushed forward whilst the new ones are being built, this is a seriously tough challenge.

Then, you might ask, why do guys risk making it tougher by failing to do a bit of simple arithmetic correctly?  I’ve almost got used to what passes as scorecards out here that would just be automatic DQ’s at home, no names, no handicaps, ineligible scrawl, cards signed at the beginning (I’m told it saves time!!) but to mark down the wrong points and then to add them up wrongly as well and, unbelievably, find that the marker has screwed his up too is baffling.

A few weeks ago on a 27 hole course with the 3 nines indexed 1-9, I swear it would have been easier explaining quantum physics in Russian than trying to get through to some about where they took their shots!  Knowing I had completely lost a couple with my convoluted explanation (‘for odd handicaps, take your extra shot on the longer nine’ tricky, eh?) a quick check revealed one of the cards was wrong by six points!

Guys, Stableford scoring is not difficult and adding up is even easier!

Maybe I should have had one of these guys marking my card yesterday because after a cracking 20 point front nine my mathematics let me down completely and I just couldn’t make it any more than 13 on the back and so I lost out to one of our new boys from Finland, Jari Lindstrom.  Even with a blob on the back Jari posted a very respectable 19 for a 33 total and second place.

Behind him in the queue to pay, he looked a little puzzled as he walked away, ‘what’s up mate?’I said, ‘yesterday 250 caddy, today 300’, ‘oh, where was that?’, ‘here’ he said!  T.I.T.

In first place with (is it 34, 35 or 36?) as it turned out 36 points was one of our regulars of the last few weeks, Stu Carr.  Stu knocked together a nice round containing 6 pars and rightly gets top spot and a copy of the new best seller ‘Stableford Made Easy’ by Stephen Hawkins.