Hal takes two at a stroll


The Haven Golf Society

Monday, Sept. 18, Greenwood A & B – Stableford

CSS 74

1st John Carlin (16) 34pts

2nd Gus Guidetti (10) 31pts

3rd Shane Elder (25) 31pts

4th Peter Koha (20) 30pts

5th Jon Batty (6) 29pts

Hal Hart.
Hal Hart.

Once again the weather affected the week’s golf with all the courses again being very wet and playing extremely long which saw all the CSS ratings go up.

Monday’s golf was possibly the toughest over the A and B courses from the white tees and should have been run under a ‘lift and place’ ruling, but as the course strangely was allowing carts on the fairways this was not played.

John Carlin returned the best card of the day at two over handicap which was still good enough by three to take the win after a good back-nine of one under handicap.

Gus Guidetti took second place after winning a count back over Shane Elder and returning a better 22 to 17, which was in fact an excellent one over par gross after a very mediocre start to his day.

Peter Koha took fourth place after he also bettered his front half by five points to edge out Jon Batty, who found conversely the going getting harder the longer the day went on and finished with an uncharacteristic four points from the last four holes.

Shane Elder made up for missing out in the count back when he slid in the sole ‘2’ of the day.

Wednesday, Sept. 20, Khao Kheow A & B – Stableford

CSS 73

1st Hal Hart (20) 33pts

2nd Gus Guidetti (10) 33pts

3rd Mark Armstrong (25) 33pts

4th Kevin Blake (7) 30pts

5th Shane Elder (25) 29pts

6th Peter Koha (20) 28pts

Once again we found the course to be heavy going and the rough was very tough to play from and more suited to major tournament conditions.

Hal Hart held on the best as he won a three-way count back for the top honour after carding 17 through the B course after finishing very strongly with three points from both of the last two holes.

Gus Guidetti signed off with a second place after he had scored 16 in the count back to edge Mark Armstrong, who scored 15, into third place.

Kevin Blake secured fourth place ahead of Shane Elder in fifth and Peter Koha in sixth.

Gus Guidetti added to his day when he cleaned out the rollover ‘2’s pool in the first divisions while Peter Koha did the same in the second division.

Friday, Sept. 22, Pattaya C.C. – Monthly Medals

CSS 74

1st Hal Hart (20) net 74

2nd John Carlin (16) net 80

3rd Benny Hansen (21) net 80

The last outing of the week had the additional difficulty of heavy rain over the closing stretch and saw the leading threesome score a combined 15 over par for the last two holes, which severely affected the finishing totals.

Hal Hart had fortunately done enough to secure the win in the early part of the round and in the end his margin of victory of six strokes was a testament to Hal’s application on the day.  John Carlin won a count back for second place with a better 40 to 40.5 to deny third placed Benny Hansen a place in the end of season finals but Benny still has a few more chances and will be hoping to make the finals before it is too late.

There were no 2s in either of the divisions.