Hal misses out on hat-trick


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, July 17, Mt. Shadow (blue tees) – Stableford


1st Hal Hart (19) 30pts

2nd Graham Davis (6) 27pts

3rd Shuichi Kodaka (18) 24pts

Hal Hart.
Hal Hart.

As many of the regulars return to Europe for some well-earned R & R the slow season starts to bite in earnest and the numbers drop dramatically but still enough hopefuls turned out for the difficult test at Mountain Shadow, which had been originally designed for players with handicaps of 15 or less.  Well even with some single figure players in the group there were still none that could get anywhere near their standard of required play and so the day became non-counting for handicap adjustments.

It was not that the course was in any way at fault, it being in good condition although slightly damp and played in a slight drizzle throughout the rounds, but according to most of the interviewees “it was full of ball eating trees”.

Hal Hart had the best of the day at six over, trailed in by Graham Davis by three and with Shuichi Kodaka another three back in third.  A thick veil is drawn over the rest of the field to protect the innocents.

There were no 2s in either of the divisions.

Wednesday, July 19, Pattana B & C (yellow tees) – Stableford

CSS 73

1st Hal Hart (19) 35pts

2nd Toby Glass (12) 34pts

3rd Graham Davis (6) 31pts

4th Ray Smallwood (25) 30pts

Shuichi Kodaka.
Shuichi Kodaka.

It was another tough day with the course again in tip top shape but very wet from heavy overnight rain.  Even with the advantage of ‘lift and place’ in the fairways it was still a big ask of the players to better their handicaps and once again the CSS moved out but stayed counting for upward adjustments.

Hal Hart took his second win in succession as he had the best of the day at one over handicap to just edge out Toby Glass from his maiden win at The Haven.  Graham Davis was again in the frame another three behind in fourth, with Ray Smallwood closing out the last mention of the day.

Once again there were no 2s in the first division but Hal Hart made it a big day at the collection window with two in the second division, the first on B3 and the second on C2.

Friday, July 21, Eastern Star – Stableford


1st Shuichi Kodaka (18) 28pts

2nd Hal Hart (19) 27pts

3rd Peter Buckley (19) 26pts

4th Mike Dabanovich (11) 25pts

5th Ray Smallwood (25) 24pts

Friday saw a return to Eastern Star where the course was in very good condition with the greens especially deserving of mention in comparison with their past appearances.  But it played as long as any that the group play at almost 6,600yards and with almost zero run following another heavy rainfall the previous day and night.

Hal Hart was vying for the “hat trick” with his third successive win but as with Dave LeHane, Peter Buckley and Graham Davis in the three previous weeks he was doomed to fail as Shuichi Kodaka edged him out by the slimmest of margins.   Shuichi held a three point advantage over the front nine and Hal was unable to take advantage of the former’s failure to score on the last hole.

Peter Buckley slipped into third place just ahead of Mike Dabanovich in fourth, with Ray Smallwood again showing up on the podium in fifth.

Unsurprisingly there were no 2s in either of the divisions.

The group went out slightly smaller on the day, as one of them had inadvertently turned up at another course in Ban Chang, paid for the green fee, caddy and cart, and then on realizing his mistake on the course he was at, asked for a refund as he was due to play elsewhere, but was refused and told he should play on his own.  Even in the current hard times, as being experienced by many of the local courses, this is indeed desperate marketing with a view only for the short term.