Hackett holds the aces at Greenwood


PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Feb. 2, Greenwood – Stableford

Sadly this day turned out into a bit of a bore after we went there two weeks ago and had a great day.  Probably because the course offered a great rate and that meant that many players from elsewhere decided to visit the course.  They do say that a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work, well I have had some great days at work, but that is a story for another day.

We had an odd number of players so we sent a three-ball out first in the hope that they could set a good pace for the following groups.  Sadly on this day the plan fell down as in front of us was a five-ball who, to give them their due, were constantly held up from in front also.  That meant that the round took slightly over 5 hours to complete.

John Hackett (left) and Dave Cooper (centre) with Dick Warberg.

The course was not too bad, and we did have plenty of time to inspect it, just stood there looking around.  The greens were ok and the fairways were not bad either, just a little sparse.  We were all pleased to end what was a long round of golf, although the weather played the game and was very nice.

Back at BJ’s it was into the results rather quickly.  In the A Flight, 0 to 20, the winner, and with a fine round he won quite easily, was John Hackett with 43 points.  In second was John McDowell with 38 points and in third was Mike O’Brien with 36 on count back over Dick Warberg.

In the B Flight the scores were not as good.  The winner with 34 points was Dave Cooper ahead of Paul Weatherly in second with 32 and Tom Cotton in third with 29.  As they say, you only have to get enough points to win.

Near Pins: Landis Brooks, Doug Maiko, Dave Cooper, Jim Ferris

Friday, Feb, 5, Plutaluang – Stableford

Time once again for the Tropical golfers to try their best at Navy (Plutaluang) golf course and a slightly smaller field of eighteen golfers signed up to give it a go.

Unlike last month there were plenty of caddies waiting for us and we were assigned the tough but scenic and quite interesting North and West courses.  That meant “The Lighthouse” was waiting!

The weather was sunny and breezy – breezy enough so that umbrellas had to stay folded most of the time, but overall good golf weather.  The North/West courses are difficult and not a single golfer made handicap, but a few came quite close.

Three golfers tied with 35 points, so it went to a complicated count back to determine who got to be called the winner.  The count back went to Landis Brooks (H/cap 8) who showed his skill maneuvering around the tricky layout, followed by Tom Herrington (14), and big Paul Weatherly (21).  Well played all, it just goes to show it pays to finish strong.  Tom McDowell (20) won the last spot on count back over Don Carmody (25).

Near Pins: Landis Brooks, Tom Herrington, Jack Calderini, Paul Weatherly.

Long Putts: Tom Herrington.