‘Guy the Gorilla’ goes ape

Richard Talbot & Derek Thorogood.
Richard Talbot & Derek Thorogood.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, Oct. 22, Khao Kheow – Stableford

1st Richard Talbot (16) 38pts

2nd Lee Leong (17) 37pts

3rd Paul Hansberry (9) 36pts

Khao Kheow is always a tough track, but after a deluge of rain the night before resulting in zero run on the ball, it’s even tougher. But as the saying goes, “When the going gets tough the tough get going”. Well our resident tough man R.C. Talbot lives and breathes these words and he fought on relentlessly and powered his way to the top of the leaderboard with a fine score of 38 points.

Tuesday, Oct. 23, The Emerald – Stableford

1st Derek Thorogood (18) 39pts

2nd Bill Reid (11) 35pts

3rd Mark Bell (11) 34pts

Emerald is not a course Derek Thorogood normally scores well on, but coming off another shank free round of on Monday he was quietly confident that his shanking nightmare was over. After scoring twenty-two points on the front nine he only had to keep it together for nine more holes, which to his surprise, he did and finished the day with 39 points.

Wednesday, Oct. 24, Pattana – Stableford

1st Guy Annand (21) 43pts

2nd Paul Hansberry (22) 36pts

3rd Greg Bates (21) 36pts

Today we were witness to a real life “King Kong”, an Aussie who goes by the name of Guy Annand, is built like the proverbial “Outback Dunnie” and hits the ball a country mile. Pattana really suits his game and he powered the ball down the middle, hit heaps of greens in regulation, almost eagled the par six and finished the day with the best score of the week 43 points, which was seven points clear of his nearest rival.

Thursday, Oct. 25, Phoenix – Stableford

1st Kim Hyeung-Rok (19) 36pts

2nd Mike Rushant (12) 35pts

3rd Bill Reid (12) 35pts

We had a large contingent of players from Korea lately and they are absolute gentlemen to play with and fine supporters of the club. Our newest member, Kim Hyeung-Rok, was awarded his first ever official handicap and celebrated this milestone achievement with his first ever win in a competition. Kim continued his celebrations when we introduced him to the concept of “buying a round”, which he caught on to very quickly.

Friday, Oct. 26, Burapha – Stableford

1st Al Marumoto (11) 39pts

2nd Greg Bates (14) 38pts

3rd Colin Smith (12) 38pts

Lawrence Lee, the Burapha Blitz, was nowhere to be seen this week, he was on the course alright, but after previous rounds of 43 and 45 he hit the wall and today he only managed a dismal 29 points. It was Al Marumoto who took up the baton and ran to the finish line with 39 points, just holding off second and third places by a mere point.

Saturday, Oct. 27, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

1st Mike Rushant (18) 34pts

2nd Norm Cheetham (14) 31pts

3rd Ron Hulen (36) 30pts

We closed the week out at Mountain Shadow, strangely the course was pretty dry and for the first time this week there was a bit of run on the fairways.

Mike “The Machine” Rushant took full advantage of the conditions and easily won the day with a strong back nine to finish with 34 points.