Greenaway back in the frame at Green Valley


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Jan. 28, Burapha – Stableford

Only 27 players to Burapha today (C & D) as the weather turned some players off, leading to one or two cancellations.  The day started off overcast and cool while at the Outback having breakfast and when we got to Burapha we were greeted by light rain that continued for most of the round.

The rain didn’t affect the course and buggies were allowed on the course so no ‘lift, clean and place’.  The course has been heavily booked for the last month and it is starting to show the wear and tear that comes with some many rounds and the tees and the fairways need some TLC with a lot of divots not being repaired, especially in the front of the greens.  However, the greens are still good and although they were not as fast as last week, they were still great to putt on.

Friday prize-getters (from left): Ger Lodge, John Player, Tony McDonough and Paul Greenaway.Friday prize-getters (from left): Ger Lodge, John Player, Tony McDonough and Paul Greenaway.

Two divisions down to five places as there were no ‘2’s on the day and some good scores were recorded in both divisions with a three-way count back on 37 points in Division 1, between John Cunningham, Geoff Stimpson & Pete Stonebridge and Division 2 being won by Chris Thompson with the best score of the day, 38 points, from his good mate, Clint Pingree with 36.

There were no ‘2’s.

Div A (0-15)

1st John Cunningham (7) 37pts

2nd Geoff Stimpson (6) 37pts

3rd Pete Stonebridge (16) 37pts

4th Sel Wegner (13) 35pts

5th Stephen Mann (11) 34pts

Div B (16+)

1st Chris Thompson (24) 38pts

2nd Clint Pingree (30) 36pts

3rd Noddy Moyle (18) 32pts

4th Tim Knight (21) 31pts

5th Greg Hill (18) 31pts

Tuesday, Jan. 29, Khao Kheow – Stableford

A good turnout of 20 Outbackers travelled up to Khao Kheow on an over cast day which proved just perfect weather for a game of golf.  Today we started on the dreaded C course (to be followed by B) playing off the yellows, with OB on the right and the long stretch of water down the left.

Steve Plant, who played the hole to par and was clearly happy with his start; wasn’t paying too much attention to where he was walking en-route to C2 as he was too busy talking and unfortunately disappeared down a drain hole almost up to his waist.  He was very lucky that he didn’t hurt himself.  After the incident the Greenkeeper put a stick with a red flag on it to warn others.

The greens were disappointing as they were pretty slow and not consistent but it seemed the untimely rain during the last few days has prevented them from cutting the grass.  The B loop, was pretty average and the greens even slower

One question to ask, how can anyone lose 12 golf balls on the way round?  One man can but no names mentioned … One thing is certain, it wasn’t Peter Erikson who had an excellent round for 37pts playing off 5 to post the best score of the day and take the Div A honours; five clear of the second placed, Steve Plant.

Div B was won by Suzi with 34pts, from John Player (33) and Chris Thompson, who headed a three way count back on 30.

There was one ‘2’ from Peter Erikson on C8.

Div A (0-15)

1st Peter Erikson (5) 37pts

2nd Steve Plant (12) 32pts

3rd Allen Raaen (9) 31pts

Div B (16+)

1st Suzi Lawton (19) 34pts

2nd John Player (20) 33pts

3rd Chris Thompson (23) 30pts

Wednesday, Jan. 30, Siam Plantation – Stableford

Eleven players for Siam Plantation to play the Tapioca and Pineapple courses, the course was again in great condition and the marshalls got us away on time and we had a great run and finished in just under four hours.  The conditions were just about perfect for golf, slightly overcast, cool with no breeze and receptive greens and the scores did reflect the conditions.

Only one division plus the ‘2’s and Jim Bryan had the best score of the day with 39 points off his 15 handicap, great golf Jim!  Mitch Black was second with 37 points off his 4 handicap; Mitch had 34 gross first nine and unfortunately finished bogey, double bogey, bogey for 41 on the second nine.  In third was Chris Thompson with 36 points off his 23 handicap, following up his win on Monday at Burapha.

There was only one ‘2’ from Mitch Black (C3)

1st Jim Bryan (15) 39pts

2nd Mitch Black (4) 37pts

3rd Chris Thompson (23) 36pts

Wednesday, Jan. 30, Greenwood – Stableford

17 Outbackers played C & A today at Greenwood off the yellow tees; a few commented that the course was too short, sorry lads I got mixed up with Treasure Hill tees.

We had a slight hiccup at the beginning as the starter said that we were playing C then he diverted us all to B, then back to C but we all teed off on time playing preferred lies on the fairways, due to all the rain.  However, the rain didn’t really affect the course too much, which was generally in very good condition.

The management had assured us the day before that there would be no problems with a big competition being played at Greenwood at the same time as us, unfortunately that wasn’t to be, as we had to have a pit stop after our front nine and wait for 20 minutes to allow the competition through.  It wasn’t the end of the world and nothing that a can of cold amber nectar couldn’t sort out while we waited and didn’t spoil a very good day out with good value for money.

There were two ‘2’s from Murray Hart & Sugar Ray.

1st John O’Keefe (16) 41pts

2nd Murray Hart (14) 38pts

3rd Jack Piercefield (23) 36pts

Friday, Feb. 1, Green Valley – Stableford

54 starters to Green Valley on a lovely day for golf, sunny with a little light breeze but as there has been a lot of rain this week, some areas were very wet and muddy underfoot so it was good that we had ‘lift, clean and place’ on the fairways.  However, generally the course was still in good condition, although the greens slow but were still good to putt on.

The scoring was excellent with the best score of the day coming from David Davies in Div D with 41pts with Clint Pingree (39pts) in second.  Clint’s brother-in-law, Chris Thompson, concluded a great week’s golf for him with yet another podium finish, this time fourth on 32.  Chris’s score line earlier this week reads like this; Monday (Burapha) 1st with 38pts, Tuesday (Khao Kheow) 3rd with 30pts, Wednesday (Siam Plantation) 3rd with 36pts.  Well done mate!

Paul Greenaway returned to the frame after being out of form for two or three weeks which has seen his handicap drift out to 9; but today he amassed 40pts to win the premier division from his good friend and playing partner, Paul Bourke with 39.  Welcome back to Andy Todd on a fleeting visit, in third with 37, beating visiting Scotsman and friend of Suzi’s, Eddie Allan on count back.

Big Kev Hamilton was delighted to find himself the winner of B division with 38 ahead of Bob Finley with 37 and Div C was won by Ger Lodge (37) from John Player with 36.

There was only one ‘2’ coming from Tony McDonough.

Finally at the end of the first month of the “Race 2 Bangkok”; Murray Hart continues to lead with 4,400pts from John Player (3,500pts), and two tied on 2,800pts, Peter Erikson & Tim Knight.

Div A (0-12)

1st Paul Greenaway (9) 40pts

2nd Paul Bourke (11) 39pts

3rd Andy Todd (12) 37pts

4th Eddie Allan (12) 37pts

Div B (13-17)

1st Kevin Hamilton (17) 38pts

2nd Bob Finley (15) 37pts

3rd Keith Buchanan (15) 34pts

4th Murray Hart (14) 33pts

Div C (18-21)

1st Ger Lodge (18) 37pts

2nd John Player (20) 36pts

3rd Jimmy Little (18) 33pts

4th Terry Phur (20) 33pts

Div D (22+)

1st David Davies (26) 41pts

2nd Clint Pingree (30) 39pts

3rd Michael Wittmaak (24) 33pts

4th Chris Thompson (23) 32pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.