Green wins gold on Anzac Day


PSC Golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

Monday, April 25, Phoenix – Stableford

April 25 is a memorable day for Australians and New Zealanders for this is commemorated as ANZAC day.  This date in 1915 marks the occasion when soldiers from both countries, joined others from the commonwealth, to invade Gallipoli and lost more than 8,000 men.  ANZAC day has, over the years, been extended to embrace all those Australians and New Zealanders that have given their lives in various conflicts and wars throughout the world.

Anyone passing the Billabong Bar at 6 a.m. this morning would have seen 25 men standing with their heads bowed for the traditional dawn service – the landing at Gallipoli started at dawn – to have a simple service of remembrance.  The Colonel – Bob Pearce – recited the ‘Ode of Remembrance’, the flag was lowered by Lloyd Shuttleworth to the sounds of the ‘Last Post’ and raised again to ‘Reveille’ and the solemnity of the occasion touched everyone present.  A cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich followed before leaving for Phoenix.

The Australian flag flies proudly over the Billabong Bar on ANZAC Day.

Another hot, humid day may be the reason that the scores were not good today as indicated by the score of 34 points which gave Craig Green the gold medal, just relegating Peter Bird to second place on count back.  A surprised Alan Bartlett rang the bell back at the Billabong after coming in third with 33 points, edging Gentry Harrington on count back.

Birdie ‘2’s are hard to come by at Phoenix and this week was no exception, with Thiery Petrement scooping the pool with the only one of the day.

Wednesday, April 27, Green Valley – Monthly Medal

It is difficult imagine a golf course in Thailand that is not suffering from the recent high temperatures and absence of rain.  Regardless of how much water comes through the sprinkler system when it is working correctly (which many sprinkler heads at Green Valley are not), this does not compensate for some good, steady rain.  Green Valley is no different from any other course and there is evidence everywhere that the greens staff are having a hard time maintaining their usual high standards, with various shades of brown covering the entire course.

The Courtyard team of Helmut, Dave, Jeff and Chris.

Brian Chapman, who started his own financial consultancy business recently, Haven Consultants based in Nern Plubwan, is a long term supporter of the Billabong year-long competition, for the trophies are sponsored by his company.

The monthly medal is something you either look forward to or approach with some trepidation.  Auk Engelkes came into the latter category today, trying to remain incognito by wearing a very peculiar  hat, his reasoning being that Superman can get away with wearing glasses so why not.  It did not work or help his golf.  Thankfully, it (the hat) is only exposed to the light of day on the King of Nederland’s birthday.

A cooling breeze had the effect of reducing the temperature, well, from 40 degrees plus to 37 degrees but the unrelenting heat did not stop Miss Da from winning consecutive competitions with a fine net 65, winning by a fair margin from Miss Nu with a net 69 and Miss Karn in third with a net 70.

Da, Nu and Karn with Brian Chapman.

Many scores from the male contingent were the sort of performances that make you want to go to a small room and consider whether you have an aptitude for golf, but four were happy with their day’s tally.  Jack Piercefield occupied fourth place with a net 70, losing to Freddy Starbeck on the same score.  Lloyd Shuttleworth, in a hurry to catch a flight to Iraq, came in second with net 68 but John Deardon will play in the final next March after posting a fine net 67.

The greens had recovered from the top dressing and there were three 2s, coming from Miss Saipin, Miss Yui and Barry Copestake.

Friday, April 29, Plutaluang – Scramble

Playing our monthly scramble at the Plutaluang golf course and apart from a lot of us missing the turn under the railway bridge everything went smoothly.  We were off to an early start and with 14 groups it was an absolute doddle for all to get out on the course.

The golf course was in fantastic condition and very green with no areas of brown patches anywhere.  Playing North and West loops we got a little respite from the oppressive heat from the last few weeks and with a gentle breeze blowing it made for a good day out.

The scores were all in the low net 60s, with Ed Horrock, Don Hachey, Rick Hiatt and Ted Gardiner taking the third place with net 61.  Next came Team Billabong consisting of the colourful Greg Ritchie, Bill Marsden, Paul Greenaway and Bob Philp taking second with net 60.6, but everyone was outscored by the team from the Courtyard of Helmut Hebstreit, Dave Done, Jeff North and Chris, with a fantastic 57.8.  That’s a great round of golf guys!