Gerry breaks the record


PSC Golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, July 12, Green Valley – Monthly Medal

A Flight

1st Bob St Aubin (14) net 72

2nd Peter LeNoury (9) net 72

3rd JP Maffray (11) net 76

B Flight

1st Gerry Roche (20) net 60

2nd Pierre Bietry (18) net 69

3rd Barry Tregurtha (19) net 69

A large group squared off to contest the Lewiinski’s monthly medal for July 2015 at the traditional Green Valley course.  To say that Gerry ‘the ‘Irish rover’ Roche vanquished the field is putting it lightly – he was a Tigeresque 9 shots clear of the field.  Gerry is fortunate that he has an alias because the field might be after him following his magnificent gross 80 (net 60) performance.  This sets a new club record previously held by Svein Vistung (net 62 in June 2002) and Paul Ovens (net 62 in December 2002).

Gerry Roche.Gerry Roche.

Left holding scores that would have won most other months were Gerry’s B Flight place holders Pierre Bietry and Barry Tregurtha who both posted net 69s, the count back against all the odds leaning in favour of Pierre.

Bob St Aubin was atop of the A Flight podium as his inner nine counted up better than Peter ‘the right honourable’ LeNoury’s, both with even par rounds.  Always there or there abouts was pay window specialist JP Maffray with a net 76.

After the presentation, Gerry kindly shared his bottle of Jamerson’s with his golfing mates.

Monday, July 13, Khao Kheow – Stableford

1st Merle Humphreys (13) 36pts

2nd Wira Siduang (5) 32pts

3rd Peter Henshaw (26) 31pts

Playing golf at Khao Kheow is always a pleasure and today was no exception.  The format was stableford and it was Merle Humphreys who took advantage of the great conditions to win the day and man of the match honours with a sound even par round.  Merle was four clear of Wira Siduang on 32 points, leaving Peter ‘the silver surfer’ Henshaw to close the flight.

Wednesday, July 15, Bangpra – Stableford

1st Wirut Siduang (20) 33pts

2nd Wira Siduang (5) 28pts

3rd Einar Widness (14) 28pts

Rolling grey clouds and rumbling skies kept a few of the less hardy competitors in their beds rather than  take on the opportunity to tackle the inquisitive monkeys and the lightning fast greens of Bangpra.  In the event, none of the hopefuls who did make the trip could even match par.

The Norwegians made it a family affair as they filled the podium.  Taking the top spot and the man of the match honours was Wirut Siduang on 33 points, followed up the podium steps by Wira Siduang and Einar Widness, both tied with 28 points but in the following count back it was Wira who emerged with the silver.

Friday, July 17, Silky Oak – Stableford

A Flight

1st Connie Walsh (11) 33pts

2nd Einar Widness (16) 32pts

3rd Jeffrey Hosfield (12) 31pts

B Flight

1st Bernard Green (30) 35pts

2nd Jody Meade (17) 30pts

3rd Terry Mangan (20) 30pts

Scoring was at a premium when the Lewiinski’s gang played Eastern Star on Friday.  The greens were in good condition but the fairways were patchy and very hard.

Connie Walsh collected a motoring ticket on his way there but made up for it by tacking the top spot in A Flight with 33 points.  A shot adrift Einar Widness made it her second visit to the pay window this week as Jeff Hosfield closed the flight a further shot back.

A Flight produced the man of the match, Bernard Green, with a top score of the day 35 points, and off the correct tee box.  Bernard was six clear of Jody Meade and the newly arrived Terry ‘pork chop’ Mangan; Jody emerged out of the resulting count back with the silver leaving Terry with the bronze.

Back at Lewiinski’s and after the presentation, Terry was given a warm welcome back.

Note: Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya land Soi 1, Beach Rd Soi13/13 near Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Peter on 086 139 6301.  Transport is provided.