Gaussa takes the title


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, August 28, Greenwood – Stableford

The question as we drove up to Greenwood was would it be a dry day or a wet day?  On the way there we went through areas where we got wet, then it would dry up, but all around us the black clouds threatened.  Only good thing was that we had a fair wind about, and the clouds that seemed to be over the course were moving quite fast.

This was the end of the month, so the MBMG Golfer of The Month award was up for grabs and as is usual we had three or four main contenders and it all depended who played well on the day.  Mind, one or two of those with a chance fancied their prospects, especially those who had been playing well of late.

The scribe, right, presents the ‘MBMG Golfer of the Month’ award to Mike Gaussa.The scribe, right, presents the ‘MBMG Golfer of the Month’ award to Mike Gaussa.

Booking in we were told that buggies were only allowed on the paths, so as we went to the start we knew it was to be a long walk.  The test for the day was to be A & C so off we went, down the cart path.  Sometimes it is a longer walk taking a cart than it is walking down the centre of the fairways, however as I do not usually hit the ball down the middle, so it can be a toss-up.  Get a course with cart paths either side, now there speaks experience, and a wonky driver.

It did not rain on the way around, we dodged the bullet, but the fairways were a no-run area, and greens were so slow the ball stopped half way to the hole.  So we will do away with discussing the course, except to say it was difficult, and we all enjoyed our day out.

It was a busy drive back as the road was full of silly people going home after work.  Yes, sorry to use four letter words but I mean … work!  I used to have to do that, but it severely restricts your leisure time.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results.  The winner on the day was Dave Nicholson with 43 points.  I had very cleverly put him with our two low handicappers as no one else wanted to be humiliated, but he rose to the occasion, well done Dave!

In second was Mike Gaussa, one of our MBMG potential winners, with 38 points.  In third was Bob Watson with 36 points, off a 2 handicap, on count back over Joel Flor.

So the winner of the ‘MBMG Golfer of the Month’ title was Mike Gaussa who sealed it with his second place on the day.  Well done Mike!

Near Pins:  Mike Gaussa (3), David Nicholson

Tuesday’s top three with one of Bert’s finest.Tuesday’s top three with one of Bert’s finest.