French connection and the Irish ‘Ace’


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, November 13, Green Valley – Monthly Medal

A Flight

1st Thierry Petrement (12) net 68

2nd Peter LeNoury (8) net 70

3rd Jack Grindvold (4) net 70

B Flight

1st Michel Laurent-Gonnett (16) net 68

2nd Bill Peach (23) net 69

3rd Jim Elphick (25) net 69

Low Gross

Jack Grindvold

Red Flight

1st Mike Craighead 

Near Pins:  No 4 Bill Peach; No 9 Ian Halfpenny; No 12 Francis Goyons; No 16 Peter Lenoury.

Two advance to the gold and on to the wall and off with the Lewiinski’s engraved lead whiskey glass plus a bottle of Jameson’s.  Frenchman monsieur Michel Laurent-Gonnett carded a best of the day net 67 and trailing in his wake were Bill Peach and Jimmy ‘two shots’ Elphick two strokes adrift.  Bill Peach prevailed on the dreaded count back over Jim.

Medal winner Michel Gonnett.Medal winner Michel Gonnett.

The French also supplied the winner in the top flight as Thierry Petremont (Vive la France) posted a flight winning net 68.  Likewise with what seemed to be the requirement of the day, the second and third places needed the aid of a count back with Jack Grindvold and the red hot Peter LeNoury locked together on net 70’s.  Peter, playing the best golf of his stellar Pattaya career, just edged Jack.  Peter’s last nine rounds of golf played on four different courses have averaged out at 78.6 per round – very impressive.

Jack, not to be outdone, won the low gross trophy.

The big story of the day in the red flight was the fine performance of one of our most senior members, Mike ‘the mechanic’ Craighead’s seventh non-transferable application to play the year end Gold Medal.  Mike achieved this feat with a net 76.  The fact that he was the only one in the flight should not denigrate the achievement – he could have NR’d.  Regrettably he had neither a Red 2 nor a Red near pin.

Mike got to keep his lead crystal champagne flute to add to his collection, and his entrance fee back but the Donkey put the wine back in the cooler.  As our regular readers know, Michel joins Mike in the gold medal later in the year.

Monday, November 14, Treasure Hill – Stableford

A  Flight

1st Kevin Mcentee (7) 38pts

2nd Andrew Byrne (12) 35pts

B Flight

1st Esseth Morten (17) 36pts

2nd Michel Goggin (17) 30pts

The rumors that the Co. Offaly gang is a spent force was quickly dispelled as gang leader Kevin Mcentee finally made it to the top.  He was also the only player to better par posting a solid 38 points.  Just to press home the point Kevin was followed in by his good friend and gang member Andy Byrne just three strokes back.

Peter Henshaw celebrates his hole in one.Peter Henshaw celebrates his hole in one.

The junior bunch was won by Morten Esseth with an excellent even par round.  Michel Goggin was to say the least very surprised to find his 30 points took the silver which rounded out the flight

Three of the regular society members pleaded their case to go out early as they had business elsewhere later in the day.  It was a pity they did not leave a note on the tee box as they played off the wrong tee, but they enjoyed the walk all the same.  This was nearly an all-Irish affair but it did contain a Welshman.

Flight winners Kevin and Morten added a ‘2’ apiece to their pay packets.

Wednesday, November 16, St. Andrews – Stableford

A Flight

1st Andrew Byrne (12) 44pts

2nd Liam McGuinness (15) 41pts

3rd Doyle Connor (15) 40pts

4th Nigel Bennett (12) 39pts

B Flight

1st Bob Fagan (19) 38pts

2nd Michel Laurent-Gonnett (16) 37pts

3rd Brian Cooper (24) 35pts

4th Tom Gorey (22) 34pts

If not the card of the day certainly the shot of the day belonged to Peter ‘Don Corleone’ Henshaw as he ‘aced’ the very difficult fifth par three hole; thank goodness he was playing off the right tees.

Well it needed to be affirmed.  Andy Byrne showed why he deserves to be known as one of the top Co. Offaly gang’s hit men as he mastered one of, if not the toughest courses on the Eastern Seaboard, with an incredible 44 points.  This gave Andy the senior flight and man of the mach titles along with a healthy handicap adjustment.

Andy’s top score was three clear of fellow Irishman Big Liam McGuinness and good friend Connor Doyle.  Guess where he hails from?  A further podium place was added because of the big turnout and this was filled by Nigel Bennett, with a very good 39 points.

B Flight was the quiet flight of the day but Bob Fagan wasn’t complaining as he knocked off a first top spot this stay in the land of chuckles.  His solid 38 points were one clear of Sunday’s maestro Michel Laurent-Gonnett, a further two from Brian ‘Minnie’ Cooper, and a further stroke from Tom Gorey.

Spare a thought if you will for Michel Prideaux who was as happy as Larry thinking he had the only 2 of the day and indeed he had, what he did not realize was that Peter’s ace claimed the lot!

Back at Lewiinski’s it was party time, as the famous Irish Dirty Dozen joined in the proceedings.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.