Fremantle group fill top spots at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, March 14, Burapha – Stableford

Whilst Capt’ Bob and General Jack were away in Chiang Mai, it was a strange day at the races at Burapha.  Playing the A & B nines from the blues there was the proper competition, then there were the guys from Fremantle, 15 of them, who were playing ‘gimmes’, so they were ruled out of the main comp.

Frank Sharkey won the main comp. with 40 points ahead of Jeff Bunn with 38, whilst Benny Bertonchinni won the Fremantle comp. with the day’s top score of 42, but that did include a number of ‘gimmes’.  Second and third places were filled by Joe Palermo and Bob Bower and we have no idea what happened to the rest of the scores except for Jerry Quin’s.

There were three excellent scores, all 39’s, from John Sacasmo, Tony Gliddon and Gary Ralph but the cards were not to hand at presentation time.

For the record a total of 31 guys played and there were four ‘2’s from Terry Dutson, Jim Brackett, Benny Bert … and Charlie Fiorentino.

Main comp

1st Frank Sharkey (19) 40pts

2nd Jeff Bunn (10) 38pts

3rd Murray Hart (14) 36pts

4th James Brackett (8) 35pts

The Fremantle boys

1st Benny Bertonchinni (16) 42pts

2nd Joe Palermo (8) 39pts

3rd Bob Bower (14) 37pts

Tuesday, march 15, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Nigel Cannon was today’s organiser for the 24 Outbackers who took on this local course, and even with a number of Tuesday regulars away in Chiang Mai, it was another excellent turnout.

The course was not busy but in good shape and we were away on time.  It was hot and humid, with rain coming down on the last groups for the last three holes.

With 24 players it was 2 division’s plus ‘2’s.

The best of the day in A Division came from our Aussie friend Tony Gliddon (12) with 39 points to take first place, with Guy Canipen (7), runner-up with 36.  Third place was decided on count-back between George Cousins (16), Gary Ralph (14), and Michael Allidi (2), all with 35 points, with Michael being declared third with a better back 9 of 19.

Three players each scored 37 points in B Division so it was count-back for the decision; all three had 19/18 so it was down to the last six holes.  First place went to Kurt Eric Persson (30) with 13 points on the back 6 – not bad for this 78 year old – who walked the course!

Runner-up went to the Outback ‘Turnip”, Dennis Persson (18), who is no relation, with the final place going to Nigel Cannon (23) with a back 6 of just 9.

There were two ‘2’s from Tony Gliddon and Nigel Cannon.

Our thanks go to Nigel for organising the day and remember, The Outback are at Pattaya Country Club each Tuesday with a tee time of 09.30.

Div A (0-17)

1st Tony Gliddon (12) 39pts

2nd Guy Canipel (5) 36pts

3rd Mike Allidi (2) 35pts

Div B (18+)

1st Kurt Eric Persson (30) 37pts

2nd Dennis Persson (18) 37pts

3rd Nigel Cannon (23) 37pts

Friday, March 18, Khao Kheow – Stableford

The Fremantle boys were back with us again today on Khao Kheow’s B & C nines and this time they behaved themselves, putting out properly.  There were a total of 31 players who enjoyed superb playing conditions, resulting in some excellent scoring for this course.  However, our concern for the Aussie handicapping system remains as the visitors filled seven of the top nine places in the three divisions; with Pip and Joe both scoring 39 points in Div A. and Tony Gliddon (3rd) and Jeff Bunn (4th) also played well with 37 apiece.

The top scoring local Outbacker was John O’Keefe with 32 points, which gave him second place in Div B followed home by Murray Hart (31), but the win went to another visitor, Gary Ralph on 34.

Perhaps the strangest podium finish would be Ron Bryant’s 23 points, which made him unbelievably, third.

Other notable scores include Lumpy Russell’s 16 points (well it is one over his handicap!) and Paul Sharples, who started out OK then caught a dose of the dreaded ‘shanks’, ending up with just 13.

There were four ‘2’s from Pip, Benny, Muzza and Jeff Bunn.

Div A (0-12)

1st Pip Mancano (12) 39pts

2nd Joe Palermo (8) 39pts

3rd Tony Gliddon (12) 37pts

Div B (14-19)

1st Gary Ralph (14) 34pts

2nd John O’ Keefe (15) 32pts

3rd Murray Hart (14) 31pts

Div C (20+)

1st John Sarcasmo (20) 35pts

2nd Bobbie Kershaw (24) 28pts

3rd Ron Bryant (25) 23pts

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