Ford in form at Pleasant Valley

Stephen Ford, Stan Rees and Daniel Oshiro.
Stephen Ford, Stan Rees and Daniel Oshiro.

PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort Pattaya

Tuesday, July 18, Pleasant Valley – Stabelford

We went to Pleasant Valley on Tuesday and welcomed 2 guestplayers from Qatar, the family Garvey.  The course was not too bad after all the rain in the night before but during our game the clouds came back and we needed a rain stop.

The results were surprising and it seems our top players had too many problems with the unstable circumstances.  There were no high scores but the results were reasonable regarding the conditions.  The winner was Stephen Ford with 33 stableford points while second place went to Stan Rees with 29 points on the count back over Daniel Oshiro.

The near pins were claimed by Dan Garvey, Dave Smith, Daniel Oshiro and Stephen Ford.

Thursday, July 20, Treasure Hill – Stableford

On Thursday we drove in the rain  to Treasure Hill but on arriving at the course the rain had stopped.  The course was in a good condition, even after all the rain and the greens were in very good shape.

Our top players recovered today and played out a thrilling game.  It was Dave Smith, with a smashing second shot on the last hole, who won today with 37 stableford points, beating Neil Harvey on count back.

The near pins went to Dave Smith.