Fletcher & Stonebridge star at Burapha


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Monday, March 12, Burapha – Stableford

Thirty-three Outbackers here at Burapha for one of the two regular Monday meets, to be greeted with overcast and cloudy conditions; also present were the TIAC boys playing the first round of their four day tournament but they played A & B whilst we were on C & D so the course was well utilised.


We played from the white markers which is a fair test of golf for all divisions; C course was in excellent condition with great fairways and flat & fast greens; on the D course the fairways were also great but the greens have still not fully recovered from their recent scarifying and are a little patchy and uneven.  The rough at Burapha still proves to be tough to play out of, no matter which nine you play.

Wednesday’s top three (from right): Steve Mann, Fidge Button and Rod Woodriff.Wednesday’s top three (from right): Steve Mann, Fidge Button and Rod Woodriff.

Even though the course was well attended we still managed to hit off 20 minutes early and most completed their round in under four hours.

Before we run through the results, we’d just like give a special welcome back to Barry Rothberg, who doesn’t play so much golf now that he’s living back in the UK but he did OK today with 33pts to get fourth place in Div C.  Nice to see you again Baz!

With 33 players we played three divisions with three places in each division with some excellent scores recorded in all divisions, especially division 1 with four players on 37 points who all finished outside the placings.

There were seven ‘2’s recorded and they went to Paul Bourke, John Cunningham, Jim Brackett, Neil Lavery, Campbell Potts, Murray Hart and Bob Lindborg.

Div A (0-12)

1st Chris Fletcher (12/Hi11.8) 42pts

2nd John Cunningham (5/Hi5.8) 40pts

3rd Neil Lavery (11) 38pts

Div B (13-20)

1st Pete Stonebridge (16/Hi15.8) 41pts

2nd Murray Hart (14/Hi13.9) 36pts

3rd Campbell Potts (17/Hi16.3) 32pts

Div C (21+)

1st David Hausman (21/Hi20.5) 37pts

2nd Ivan Plunkett (21/Hi20) 36pts

3rd Greg Ritchie (21/Hi19.9) 35pts

Monday, March 12, Khao Kheow – Stableford

There were 22 Outbackers today playing B & A from the yellow tees at Khao Kheow and as there was very little wind it seemed hot and muggy for some players.  The course was in reasonable condition apart from two greens on B where on some parts of the green it was GUR and on the A side they were working on a couple of fairways pulling out the weeds again.  Still, we all went round in 3 hours 20 minutes to 3 hours 40 minutes.  Good going guys!

(From the left): Martin Kingswood, Murray Hart & Dennis Pelly were all winners of their respective divisions at St. Andrews.(From the left): Martin Kingswood, Murray Hart & Dennis Pelly were all winners of their respective divisions at St. Andrews.

Poor Pat Culloty tried to save his Caddie from getting hit by a golf ball coming from the next tee box and as he put his hands over his caddie’s head, luckily the ball had hit a few trees, knocking out most of the impact speed before hitting him straight in the back.

Steve Plant had an argument with a meter long Iguana on B7 as the lizard lazed around the green.  Steve the “Big Hunter” managed to shoo it along its way without further ado but I guess he had a reason for missing the putt.

Dennis Pelly and Martin Kingswood played together for the first time in a draw, to win Johnny Cogan’s farewell bash at Pattaya Country Club last week.  Today they’ve gone and singularly won their respective divisions sharing the top score of the day, matching 37’s, which although not good enough to come anywhere at Burapha is very good going round this course.  Sel Wegner, who is just finding his form in time for Hua Hin next week, was second with 35, whilst in Div B, Doug Douglas did well for his second place with 36.

There were three ‘2’s from Suzi, Dennis and Pat.

Finally, a big thanks to Suzi for running the day!

Div A (0-17)

1st Dennis Pelly (12/Hi11) 37pts

2nd Sel Wegner (14/Hi13.3) 35pts

3rd Steve Plant (13/Hi11.8) 34pts

Div B (18+)

1st Martin Kingswood (19/Hi17.2) 37pts

2nd Doug Douglas (23/Hi21.5) 36pts

3rd Sugar Ray Handford (19/Hi17.6) 31pts

Tuesday, March 13, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

This Tuesday saw 14 Outbackers take the opportunity to play the regular 18 holes before nine are closed on 1st April for some months.  The weather was fine, the course not too busy and following a major tournament on Sunday, the condition was reasonable, except for some of the greens on the back nine.

Organiser for the day, Nigel Cannon (22) led the way with 40 points – thus ensuring a handicap revision before playing in the Outback’s tour at Hua-Hin next week; runner-up was ‘Snow White’ aka John White (23) with 39 points and was still smiling.

Clearly in ‘recovery mode’ and in third place was our ‘Chad’, Barry Chadbourn (25) with 38 points.  Former caddy Noy Kamsantia (20) continued her good form with 33 points, thus securing fourth place whilst regular Tuesday man, Terry Marney (29) took the final spot with 32.

Just two more Tuesdays at PCC with the full 18 holes and for the moment the Outback plan to stay here during April to see how it goes, playing nine holes twice.

1st Nigel Cannon (22/Hi22.6) 40pts

2nd John White (23/Hi23.6) 39pts

3rd Barry Chadbourn (25/Hi26) 38pts

4th Noy Kamsantia (20/Hi19.9) 33pts

5th Terry Marney (29/Hi29.1) 32pts

Wednesday, March 14, Royal Lakeside – Stableford

Seventeen Outbackers travelled to Royal Lakeside for the day for a 9.30 tee off.  Unfortunately most arrived with only minutes to spare as a truck had overturned on the bridge near the Amata Springs turnoff which delayed most players for up to half an hour.  Once we all arrived everything went very smoothly with the manager there to greet us on the first tee and wish us all good golfing.

The course and clubhouse have undergone a number of changes in the last twelve months and the clubhouse is now fantastic and the course presented very well.  The fairways have been renovated and sanded in many areas but did not detract or affect play in any way.  The bunkers have all had new sand put in them which was very soft leading to some plugged lies but they will settle down over the next few months.  The greens have also been recently renovated and the first nine were a little slower than the back nine but were still great to putt on and all the water courses have been redone and it made for a great layout with a course that was receptive to good golf.

There was only one division for the day and we paid out down to fifth place.  The overall winner of the day was Fidge Button continuing his recent good form with 40 points on his 16 handicap from Stephen Mann on 38 points on his 11 handicap with third place going to recently returned Rod Woodriff with 36 points of his 14 handicap; fourth and fifth places went to Greg LeBlanc (24) with 34 points and Neil Lavery (11) with 33.

There was only one ‘2’ for the day from Neil Lavery on hole 15 with a great shot to within a metre of the hole and by the way Neil, thanks for driving and thanks to Suzi for running the day.

1st Fidge Button (16/Hi15.9) 40pts

2nd Steve Mann (11/Hi10.6) 38pts

3rd Rod Woodriff (14/Hi13.5) 36pts

4th Greg LeBlanc (24/Hi24.1) 34pts

5th Neil Lavery (11/Hi10.6) 33pts

Friday, March 16,St. Andrews – Stableford

Thirty-six Outbackers travelled to St. Andrews for our Friday outing, which would have normally been Green Valley but PSC had booked the course for their Charity Tournament with a noon shotgun start.

The course was vacant when we arrived and the starter sent our groups off half an hour early.  When setting up the start sheet we had put in yellow tees instead of white and it was only after a few groups had already hit off that I realised that yellow tees were 6,900 yards and that made for a very tough day for a lot of players.  Sorry golfers, I can assure you I will check the card before next we visit a course and try to make it fair to all.  In saying all that, some players found the extra distance to their liking and some good scores were recorded.

Welcome also today to a couple of newcomers from the UK, namely Fred Bell and Keith Croasdale.

The course was presented well as always with great fairways and tees, but the greens had been spiked and not rolled so they were a little bumpy, making them difficult to putt on.

We had three divisions with three placings in each division plus the ‘2’s.

Division 3 was won by Martin Kingswood with 37 points on his handicap for the day of 21, from John O’Keefe with 36 points and third place being taken by Greg Hill with 35.

Division 2 was won by Murray Hart with 35 points on his 17 handicap, from Sel Wegner on 33 points on his 16 handicap on a count back from Steve Plant also on 16.

Division 1 was won by the consistent Dennis Pelly with the best round of the day of 38 points off his 13 handicap, from Stephen Mann with 37 points with third place going to Mark McDonald with an excellent round 35 points off of 3.

There were eight ‘2’s; from Paul Greenaway, Mark McDonald, Owen Walkley, Fred Bell and Steve Plant on hole 5; Suzi Lawton and Brian Maddox on hole 10 and the two of the day to Murray Hart on hole 17 who hit driver to make the green.

Div A (0–14)

1st Dennis Pelly (13/Hi10.8) 38pts

2nd Steve Mann (14/Hi11.3) 37pts

3rd Mark McDonald (3/Hi2.4) 35pts

Div B (15–20)

1st Murray Hart (17/Hi13.9) 35pts

2nd Sel Wegner (16/Hi13.3) 33pts

3rd Steve Plant (16/Hi13.2) 33pts

Div C (21+)

1st Martin Kingswood (21/Hi16.9) 37pts

2nd John O’Keefe (22/Hi17.6) 36pts

3rd Greg Hill (22/Hi18.2) 35pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or call Jack on 087 941 2474.