Fitzgerald in sparkling form at Emerald


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, August 26, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Jomtien Golf, The Haven and the Pattaya Golf Society all unknowingly booked this same course here today but this did not cause a problem for any of our groups.

There had been a few discussions over the previous few days as to what tees to play from here.  Our normal ruling has always been one tee from the back, so there was talk of playing from the whites for a change instead of the blues.  On the card the whites are 5,840 yards and the blues 6,280 but as we approached the first tee the marshall informed us that the majority of the blue tees had been moved forward to the white tee positions for the day, so we teed off from the blues once again!

Rod Howett.Rod Howett.

The two divisional cut today was 4-17 in division 1 and 22+ in division 2 and in his last game before returning to Africa for four weeks, Paul Butler returned a winning score of 38 points to win division 1 ahead of Steve Richardson in second one point behind and Lindsay Phillips took third with 36.

The Welsh boy, David Phillips, was the winner in division 2 with 34 points and Alan Bissell finished second 5 points behind after beating Rodney Howett on a 15/11 back nine count back.

Near pins were won by Paul Butler, Lindsay Phillips, Roar Berger, David Phillips, Fred Temminck and Anna Marie Usher.

In the ‘2’s in Division 1, Harry Vincenzi and Terry Madsen birdied the 5th and Paul Butler the 8th to share the pot, while Anna Marie Usher was the only winner in division 2 with a birdie on the 5th as well.

Wednesday, August 28, The Emerald – Stableford

This was our first visit here for more than seven weeks due to the improvement work being done to the course and there were still cordoned off areas approaching the greens, some of which were marked GUR and some others not, but we played the nearest point of relief for a drop on these areas.

Billy Fitzgerald topped the first division with 40 points; a full eight points ahead of Lindsay Phillips in second place who beat Ian Usher on a 15/14 back-nine count back.  These scores were remarkable today as all of the white tees had been taken back just in front of the blue markers.  The shortest par 3 today was 163 yards off the white tees and in the nearest the pins there were four prizes left unclaimed.

Lindsay Phillips.Lindsay Phillips.

In division two the cockney boy, Rod Howett, came in with 36 points to take first place, beating Countback Burnie by seven points, and in third place on 28 was Alan Bissell who beat David Phillips on a 17/15 back-nine count back after both came in with 28 points each.

Near today went to Billy Fitzgerald (2), Terry Madsen and Paul Hartley.

In the ‘2’s, Billy Fitzgerald birdied the 7th to win the division 1 pot and in division 2 there was a rollover to the following Wednesday.

For the majority it was an enjoyable return here and we will be back in three weeks.  Today was bon voyage to Steve Richardson, back to Oz for a few months, have a good trip Steve!

Friday, August 30, Eastern Star – Stableford

Despite heavy rain here on the Thursday, the course conditions today were almost perfect and the group was split into two flights with the cut coming at 5-17 and 19 plus.

After a three month break in Ireland, there was a warm welcome return for Frank Kelly who took the top podium position in division 1 with 37 points.  Kari Kuparinen also returned today and still playing off 5 he came in second on 34 while Bill Bertram beat Tony Thorne on a 17/16 back-nine count back for third after they both finished on 33 points.

Kari Kuparinen.Kari Kuparinen.

Bristol Bob, a.k.a. Bob Poole, returned from China and in his first game for many months he took third place in division 2 with 32 points.  The organizer, sinking every putt on the green in one shot, finished second with 35 and the winner with 37 was Iain Walsh playing off 20 (and 19 next week!)

Near pins went to Arthur Hancock, Kari Kuparinen, Terry Madsen, Tony Thorne, Bruce Gardner, Rod Howett and Sid Ottaway.

Rod Howett secured sole possession of the ‘2’s pot in the second division after a 12ft putt on the 166 yard par-three 6th, while Arthur Hancock, Terry Madsen and Tony Thorne split the takings in division 1.

Note:  Our Chiang Mai trip is fully confirmed now – departing on October 19-20 for one week with 3/4 rounds of golf there with a variety of accommodation preferences and the four golf courses still under review.  Please contact Glyn or Lyn or sign up at Siam Cats in Soi 5, Jomtien.