First medal for Mulholland


The Golf Club weekly review

Monday, March 27, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Gary Emmett (16) 32pts

T2nd Fred Birch (16) 30pts

T2nd Dave Ferris (18) 30pts


There were only three of our TGC tournaments this week as Khun Nirand was graciously putting on a bargain 4-man Scramble for Pattaya’s finest, so our thanks to him for that lovely day out.  Thanks also to our mate Klaus for hosting and organizing the Tuesday event.  Our six teams had a grand time, but alas, no silverware for the mantle!

It was a strange day weather wise on LK Metro as all morning was non-stop rain.  Some blokes just didn’t show up, and the rest were reticent at best, but we all piled into the vans and headed up to Green Valley.  When we got to the course, things were a bit better and the optimists teed off in a light mist.

Bill Challton, Bob Mulholland & Alan Rothwell
Bill Challton, Bob Mulholland & Alan Rothwell

Eight other blokes sat to think it over and after 20 minutes, decided to call it a day before hitting one ball.  They headed right back to town and the rest persevered.  Hanging in there turned out to be the correct decision as by the 4th hole, things had cleared and the rest of the day was just fine.  Our Aussie mate Bruce Miller was glad he hung in there as he put it closest to the stick to win the near pin loot.

For their effort and diligence, Dave Ferris, Fred Birch and Gary Emmett were handed those collectible handsome man vouchers from Capt. Phil.  Turned out nice again, right Mr. Formby?


Thursday, March 30, The Emerald (white tees) – Monthly Medal

1st Bob Mulholland (8) net 67

2nd Alan Rothwell (7) net 71

3rd Robbie Taylor (14) net 71


There were several new faces to join us this outing so there are a few tourists in town after all!  A smallish turnout, but 2 full vans met up with those locals who drove to total 22 contestants for the March Medal.

The weather was now back to normal after the wetness of Monday but we still played ‘lift, clean and place’, which turned out the correct decision.  Yardage was at the 6,350 mark with wet fairways but beautiful greens.  Bill Challton took the near pin.

Regulars Robbie Taylor and Alan Rothwell battled to a net 71 each but Alan took the second place win on count-back.  Bob Mulholland was the star of the show and his 67 on this tough course won by four shots.

Bob credits his win to the encouragement (and chiding) from 7-time winner Kenny Aihara in his group, who was genuinely happy to see Bob drop three birdies on the day.  Bob made the turn at lever par and the three-over on the back gave him his first Antigua shirt in our vivid orchid.  As he himself said, “That’s one more ticked off the Bucket List”!

Bruce Miller, Peter Thomas & Doc Beard.
Bruce Miller, Peter Thomas & Doc Beard.

Friday, March 31, Silky Oaks (white tees) – Stableford

1st Peter Thomas (18) 44pts

2nd Doc Beard (23) 40pts

3rd Bruce Miller (8) 36pts


You will be seeing many more events at Silky Oaks this summer as the closure of Green Valley from the 17th of April will see The Golf Club here and at St. Andrews on Mondays.  We are scheduling a rotation of those courses through November, when Green Valley is supposed to re-open.  Hope their schedule goes better than that Pattaya Klang tunnel!

Everyone really likes this golf course now.  Of course, when you scribble down 40 or 44 points on the scorecard, the likability factor makes huge leaps.  Bruce Miller did not get to those numbers, but his 36 sealed his third place on the podium.

Speaking of seals, Doc Beard had his personal best round in Thailand with that 40 pointer here today.  He got to that number even with an astonishing 35 putts!  Doc has bullet wounds, scars, blown out discs, and chronic pain to battle, but that does not stop this former S.E.A.L. from soldiering on.  We are proud to have Doc on our side, so great shootin’ today buddy.

Some days it all seems to fall together.  When an 18-handicapper nails  14 pars, the world is good.  One of those pars was on the par-3 Caddy Smile near pin, so that thankfully saved me from buying Peter Thomas a drink back at the club.  That is only rewarded with a birdie Pete.  By his own admission, February was not kind to Mr. Thomas, but my how the tide has turned in March.  A great 44 today mate, hope that mojo continues on the Songkran trip!