Evacuee from Bangkok hits spectacular ‘Robin Hood’


Only been shooting a bow for 3 weeks

Philip Cutlan, the newest member of the Pattaya Archery Club, recently shot a most spectacular ‘Robin Hood’ (arrow in the end of another arrow) even though he has only received 3 week’s coaching.

When the floods came to Bangkok, Philip, a Tasmanian-born Maths teacher, decided that he and his wife should escape from Bangkok and evacuate to Pattaya for the duration (sounds like something from WW2).  They packed a few essentials and drove to Pattaya, seeking sanctuary from the nightmare that is Bangkok.

Philip Cutlan and his ‘Robin Hood’. Philip Cutlan and his ‘Robin Hood’.

Like many of his fellow Bangkokians now living temporarily in Pattaya, Philip had too much time on his hands, and so as he had always had an interest in trying archery, he decided to use this time to good advantage.

He contacted the Pattaya Archery Club and was introduced to archery by the club’s President and Coach, Eric Hearn.

Philip proved to be a natural at this challenging sport and very quickly began to shoot quite well.  So well that Eric loaned him his own personal bow and helped Philip to hone his skills even further.

The use of a professional bow enabled Philip to start shooting very accurately … so accurately in fact, that the ‘Robin Hood’ came within three weeks of joining the club.  A feat that has never been seen before in the club.

What is a ‘Robin Hood’?

A ‘Robin Hood; is where a second arrow hits a previous arrow so perfectly that it splits open the first arrow and embeds itself in that arrow.  In the club’s five-year existence this feat has only been achieved a couple of times previously … and none so spectacular as the photo here shows.

The expression a ‘Robin Hood’ is used throughout archery, worldwide; and is taken, of course, from the legendary feats of that famous English outlaw.

Philip’s first arrow was split at least 10 inches down its shaft and opened up like a banana, with half the shaft broken clean off.  So now the remnants of that arrow will be displayed on a wall in Philip’s home … when the floods subside.

This amazing achievement astounded all the archers at the club … not only for the total devastation of the first arrow, but also for the short time that Philip has been a toxophilist.

Moreover the first arrow was in the 10-ring, as was another, so with just two arrows in the 10-ring, Philip scored 30 points, the ‘Robin Hood’ also scoring the same 10 as the arrow it had pierced!

Trying archery in Pattaya

Pattaya Archery Club shoots on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, beginning at 10.00 am and finishing at about noon or thereafter.

Anyone – Thai or farang, young or old, man or woman – is welcome to come along to the Pattaya Shooting Park in Hua Yai and find out what it is all about.

Beginners’ coaching is held on a Tuesday and/or a Saturday.  The coach’s services and the use of the club’s bows, arrows and other equipment are free for beginners, and so it costs nothing to see if this challenging sport is for you.

For more details visit Pattaya Archery Club’s website at www.pattayaarcheryclub.com, or telephone Eric, the club’s President, on 089 535 1193