Erik Donnestad goes low



IPGC golf from The Haven


Monday, Oct. 25, Green Valley – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Erik Donnestad (4) 41pts

2nd Ron De Groot (15) 39pts

3rd Don Everett (24) 36pts

4th Bob Maloney (12) 36pts cb 16

5th Lyle Blaw (12) 34pts

6th Trevor Schirmer (14) 33pts

With the wet weather seemingly a distant memory, it was almost back to run on the fairways, but not quite.

Erik Donnestad.

Erik Donnestad made the best of the conditions with a scintillating gross 71 to top the day’s hopefuls with a two shot victory that underscored his talents as a golfer of the highest order.

Ron De Groot slipped in another fine round off his brand new and lower handicap to take second place by three clear ahead of another pair of new handicappers who had to be separated by a count-back for third, which Don Everett won by 22 to 16 over Bob Maloney.

Lyle Blaw in fifth and Trevor Schirmer in sixth rounded off the honourable mentions for the day.

Once again there were no 2’s in the second division but Erik Donnestad, Bob Maloney and Yasuo Suzuki had one each in the first division.

Before presenting the prizes The Doc welcomed new member David Grice and also welcomed back “The Western Raiders”, back from their pillaging trip to the North of Thailand, in the form of Don Everett (44), Bob Maloney(41), Wayne Waywood (40 & 39), Rod Crosswell (40), and Ron De Groot (only37 & 37), the figures in brackets being their best scores in competitions.

There was also a farewell to Trevor Edge returning north to where he says he can perform a little better.

Wednesday, Oct. 27, Bangpra – Scramble

1st Mikael Andersson, Jeremy Masse, Rick, Holmes, Roy Thornton, net 57.6

2nd Erik Donnestad, Rod Howett, Roar Berger, Ole Stamnes, net 58.4

3rd Al Keith, Peter Sumner, Alan Pilkington, Chris Knapp, net 60.1

4th Bob Maloney, Wayne Waywood, Ron De Groot, Don Everett, net 61

5th Russell Exley, David Grist, Mike Gosden, Stephen Beard, net 65.1

Near Pins: #2 Rick Holmes, #8 David Grist, #12 Alan Griffiths, #17 Peter Sumner

The usual monthly scramble based on the “Max 5 System” with no player able to take more than five tee shots and the handicaps set at 12.5% of the teams combined handicaps without a cap, once again enabled a full array of golfing abilities to take part at the always testing Bangpra course.  With the tees set on almost every hole on the blue markers it proved to be a test for the long and straight with the best gross of the day, 63, by the New Birdie Boys, also taking the top prize.

The second placed team, the Vikings, just secured second place as they made the highest handicap of the day count with a gross 69.

The third spot was filled by the Pluckers, after they returned a fine 65 gross with the lowest team handicap.

Fourth place went to the Western Bandits all playing with their brand new Thailand handicaps rather than the Western EBay ones with a steady 69 gross.

Last of the honourable mentions went to the Scragg Ends with a hard fought gross 71.

Friday, Oct. 29, Phoenix – Monthly Medals

CSS 73

Division 1

1st Marty Rock (11) net 71

2nd Peter Sumner (8) net 71

3rd Wayne Waywood (13) net 73

Division 2

1st Don Everett (24) net 72

2nd Norman Cheetham (16) net 77

3rd Rod Howett (26) net 83

As usual the Soi 13 Monthly Medal was held at Phoenix from the blue tees with the weather having turned around completely to overcast with strong winds making it an almost perfect day for golf following weeks of wet and glum faces.

October scramble winner – The Birdie Boys.

In the first division Marty Rock took his second Medal of the year by just getting the better of playing partner Peter Sumner on a count-back, which he won by a margin of 33.5 to 34 after they had been nip and tuck all round the course.  Wayne Waywood then just got the better of Yasuo Suzuki for third also by a count-back, which he won with a better 35.5 to 36.5.

The second division was led in by Don Everett who also won his second Medal of the year by a clear five strokes ahead of Norman Cheetham in second and Rod Howett a distant third.  The scores in the second division clearly showed the difficulty of the wind as they generally struggled to keep the ball in play.

There were no 2’s in the second division but David Grist had one in the first division after a recount by the semi blind scorer.

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