Elphick & Davis conquer Greenwood

Barry Elphick (left) with John Davis.
Barry Elphick (left) with John Davis.

PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Friday, May 11, Greenwood – Stableford

The ever-popular Greenwood was on the rotation for the Tropical golfers on Friday and a very manageable sixteen golfers made the trip.  Under threatening skies everyone finished their breakfast at BJ’s Lodge and made for their ride.

Greenwood is one of the favored golf stops, and with good reason.  A manageable 1050 baht to walk and an interesting layout course in borderline excellent condition makes the trip worthwhile.  Even the locker room is top notch.  During the round it sounded like an artillery duel was in progress with booms and occasional flashes all around during the round.  However, luck prevailed this day as there was only the slightest drizzle for a few minutes barely requiring umbrellas.  It wasn’t until after we got back we found out that while we were enjoying a nice round of golf that Pattaya was drowning.

Greenwood is usually a fair but slightly high scoring course, and such was this day.  In the A-Flight (0-21), regular winner John Davis (c/h 15) took the honours with a well played 37 points.  Bob Britton (15) made his drive worthwhile by taking second place with 35 points, and John Hackett (20) did well enough to take the last bow with 33.

In B-Flight (22+), Barry “my toe hurts” Elphick (30) had the high score of the day with an amazing 41 points.  Something is working for Barry.  Dick Warberg (23) won on count-back over Jim Ferris (26) at the 35 point mark to take second place.

Daryl Evans and Gordon Clegg had best non-winning 9-hole scores.