Edwards repeats at Greenwood


IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at The Links Bar

Monday, August 10, Greenwood C & A (white tees) – Stableford

1st Dave Edwards (10) 37pts

T2nd David Thomas (9) 36pts

T2nd Huw Phillips (13) 36pts

Greenwood is much improved from the state it was in a few months back.  Fairways offer good lies.  Bunkers are well kept.  Most importantly, putting surfaces are nearly back to the excellent state we used to enjoy.  A few greens are not quite fully recovered from the loss of grass cover, but are not far away.  This course, C & A nines at least, is close to full recuperation.

A Treasure Hill ‘hazard’ awaits the unwary golfer.A Treasure Hill ‘hazard’ awaits the unwary golfer.

Our four groups teed off on time, under sunny skies and in weather that was noticeably warmer than recent days.  A testament to the improving nature of the course was the five ‘2’s recorded, compared to none on a recent visit: Masaaki Sugaya on A6, Huw Phillips on C6, Garry Olliffe on A6, Dave Edwards on A6 and David Thomas, also on A6.  The fact that the tees on A6 were some 20 yards forward just may have had something to do with this unusually high ‘2’s return.

Due to the number of ‘2’s, the podium was limited to the first three scores.  Coming second equal were David Thomas and Huw Phillips whose runner-up scores were two better than the runner-up scores both players achieved on June 29.  The winner today was also the same as on June 29, Dave Edwards.  His winning score of 37 points was identical to his winning score on June 29, the only difference being the previous round was played over A & B nines.  Same placegetters, same, or as near as dammit, scores; coincidence indeed!

Back at the Links Mr. Len drew Bob Strutt’s card as winner of the lucky beer draw while the booby bevy went to Graeme (Biscuit) Kerr, the golfer whose performance today suggested his weekend was simply an extension of a very late and active Friday night, as his modest return of 22 points attested.

Wednesday, August 12, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

On Wednesday the Pattaya Golf Society celebrated the Queen’s Birthday with a visit to Mountain Shadow to play a stableford competition off the blue tees.  The course has been a holiday favourite all year with no supplement added for the occasion but this time we saw the oft done superimposition of a Thai tournament on top of the PGS long term booking, which led to a delay of thirty minutes in teeing off and the consequent slow progress.  However the day was fine, if hot and humid and some good shots were left on the course by many golfers.

In third place was PGS Champion Chris Smith who paved the way with gross 74 to give him 35 points and set the standard for the round.  In second was Bob Strutt, on a golfing break from his adopted Khon Kaen and his 39 points was as good as it gets for Bob with putts falling in from all lengths and lines.  The winner was the master of sartorial confusion, Ian Wilson, whose 43 points was described as “awesome” by some and witnessed some long and accurate hitting and assured putting.  Note to the handicapper, “Make the knife sharp, cut it deep.”

Larry Gibb and the returning Dave Lehane shared the ‘2’s pot for their efforts on hole fifteen and the non-winner’s beer went to Graeme Kerr.  The Booby Bevy was reserved for Huw Phillips, his first ever, after his two under front eleven saw him scratch the next six holes after stiffness set into an old back injury on a punctuated back nine.

Friday, August 14, Treasure Hill – Stableford

Div. 1 (white tees)

1st Jon Batty (8) 38pts

2nd Mark Lang (5) 35pts

T3rd Bob Strutt (11) 33pts

T3rd Paul Blackshaw (13) 33pts

Div. 2 (yellow tees)

1st Ian Wilson (23) 35pts

2nd Toby Glass (15) 33pts

3rd Stuart Thompson (18) 32pts

Our seven groups teed off in hot and steamy conditions on a course that had received much rain over the previous week, meaning fairways offered minimal run and more than the occasional mud-ball.  Even so, balls finishing on fairways still offered good lies.  Putting surfaces, though they looked grainy, gave a true and consistent roll.  At 1050B green-fee caddie-fee and cart, this course continues to impress as one of the best VFM deals around.  A pity the deal ends in August.

There were three ‘2’s in Division 1 from Mark Lang and Paul Blackshaw on six, followed by David Thomas on seventeen.  Scoring near par on this track is a feat in itself, so the Div. 1 podium did well to host four players on 33 and better.  The stand-out winner, with a two-under net-par round of 38, managed his short game superbly as he breezed around the course taking a mere 22 putts.  That is an incredible statistic for any level of golfer, let alone an eight handicap amateur.  Well done indeed Jon Batty!

In Division 2 there were two ‘2’s, coming from Karl Flood on seventeen and Larry Gibb at the thirteenth.  Leading the three-man podium home was Englishman Ian Wilson, playing his last game with us this trip.  Ian’s 35 points was a tribute to his length, as many in Pattaya could attest.  Aussies Toby Glass and Stuart Thompson filled out the minor placings not far behind.

Back at the Links, the lucky beer draw went to Huw Phillips while the booby bevy was awarded to Brian Dunn, who appeared to forget that the answer to good golf preparation is unlikely to be found in Pattaya’s entertainment sector, no matter how late one stays out looking for it.