Edwards out front in Hua Hin

Dave Edwards.
Dave Edwards.

The Jomtien Golf Society

Monday, May 7,
Sea Pines G.C. – Stableford

Our annual trip here to Hua Hin and we had 38 golfers out on the first day at the Sea Pines course.  The majority of players loved this course, especially the last three holes along the beach going back to the clubhouse but the fairways were a bit scruffy.

We had a three division stableford competition for the four rounds and overall winners.  Dave Edwards returned the best score of the day, winning division 1 with 37 points.  Tim Hake was second one point behind and Pete Skinner beat Darryl Burkett on count-back for third after they both came in with 32 points each.

In division 2, Bob Poole beat John Carlin 19/17 on the back-nine after they were both locked on 34 points while Stuart Thompson was third with 33 and Dannie Larsen fourth on 31.

Rick Assi topped division 3 with 34 points and Gil Phillips beat Alan Bissell 15/14 after they both scored 32 each.  Leo Adam was fourth on 29 points after beating Rod Howett on another count-back

Near pins went to (Div 1) Tim Hake and Pete Sumner (x2), and (Div 2) Steve Harris (x2), Dave Lehane and Willy Van Heetvelde.

Paul Young birdied the 8th for the only ‘2’ of the day.

Tuesday, May 8, Black Mountain G.C. – Stableford

We played the West and North nines today off the 65 tees and with 41 points the best score of the day came from Pete Sumner who won division 1.  Terry Tucker was second on 38 points, with Martin Grimoldby third one point behind and Nik Evans in fourth on 36.

Rick Assi with a 21/16 back-nine count-back beat Peter Davies to win division 3 after they both came in with 39 points each.  Alan Bissell was third on 38 and Frank Grainger fourth with 37.

In division 2, Steve Harris beat Stuart Thompson 18/17 after they both scored 37 each and Willy Van Heetvelde beat Tim Hake’s brother Simon on count-back after they both shot 33 points.

Near pins were claimed by (Div 1) Kevin Blake, Michael Brett, Pete Sumner and Terry Tucker, and (Div 2) Barry Copestake and Steve Harris (2).

Michael Brett birdied N5 and Steve Harris the same hole in division 2 in the ‘2’s today.

Thursday, May 10, Springfield – Stableford

It was the Valley and Lake courses today off the white tees and with 41 points Dave Edwards had the best score of the day, winning division 1 by some margin.  Michael Brett was second on 37 points, John Pegrham third with 34 and Nik Evans took fourth on 32.

Some lower scores in the next two divisions with Willy van Heetvelde winning division 2 with 35 points, Bob Poole second with 32, Gil Phillips third on 31 and Dannie Larsen fourth with 28. Peter Davies won division 3 with 31 points, beating Leo Adam on a 19/15 count-back.  Barry Copestake was third on 29 and Rick Assi fourth with 28.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Martin Grimoldby, Pete Skinner and Pete Sumner, and (Div 2) Dannie Larsen, Dave Lehane, Tim Knight and Gil Phillips.

Martin Grimoldby birdies C7 and Dannie Larsen B8 for the only ‘2’s of the day.

Friday, May 11,
The Banyan – Stableford

Our last round of the week and a third division player recorded the best score of the day, with Rick Assi winning his flight with 40 points.  Gil Phillips was second behind Rick on 38 and Leo Adam took third with 33.

Tim Hake topped division 1 with 39 points and there were three 36’s fighting for second and third place.  With a 18/17/16 count-back Michael Brett was second, Pete Sumner third and poor old Martin Grimoldby lost out.

Dave Lehane won division 2 on 38 points and John Carling was second, beating Steve Harris on a 17/13 count-back after they both came in with 37 points.

Near pins were awarded to (Div 1) Tim Hake, Pete Skinner, Pete Sumner and Terry Tucker, and (Div 2) John Carling, Peter Davies, Gil Phillips and Steve Harris.

Congratulations to Dave Edwards who was the overall winner with 145 points, Rick Assi was second on 141 and Tim Hake third with 138.

A brilliant week was had by all and many thanks to Lyn for her organizational skills.