Ed Wyckoff whips the field


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, March 23, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Ed Wyckoff (12) 40pts

2nd Peter LeNoury (12) 38pts

3rd Yui Bietry (15) 37pts

4th Terry Mangan (14) 37pts

B Flight

1st Jum Karagit (20) 39pts

2nd Ulrik Sinding (30) 39pts

3rd Peter Henshaw (19) 38pts

4th Eddie Henshaw (27) 38pts

Well if you are going to have a day you might as well have the whole enchilada, and that is certainly what Ed ‘our man in the White House’ Wyckoff did this Sunday as he stood atop the A Flight, nestled up a near pin and converted the putt for a 2.

Ed’s man of the match 40 points was one clear of the B Flight pair of the toast of the bar Jum Karagit and Ulrik Sindling, with Jum adjudged to have the best back-side in the resulting count back.  Two Irish brothers fought it out for the minor places, both tied with 38 points, and when the black stuff was finished it was Peter who took the bronze.

Sunday winners: Ed Wyckoff and Jum Karagit.Sunday winners: Ed Wyckoff and Jum Karagit.

Ed Wyckoff was followed in A Flight by Peter ‘the right honourable’ LeNoury as four players were log-jammed on 37 points.  Chivalry prevailed as Yui Bietry emerged the victor followed by Irishman Terry ‘pork chop’ Mangan.  ‘Big’ Jim Brackett and Freddy Starbeck were left out in the cold but Jim Did get a little compensation with a 2 which he shared with JP Maffray (2), Ed Wyckoff, Tom Byrne, William Peach and Gerry Roche.

Monday, March 24, Khao Kheow A & C – Stableford

1st Christy Knight (25) 45pts

2nd Colin Smith (12) 40pts

3rd Tom Gorey (16) 38pts

Khao Kheow has a magnetic charm for all golfers.  Perhaps it is the challenge of the difficult “A” course, the ample inclusion of water, or even the splendid clubhouse facilities, but, for whatever reason, it drew a fair Monday crowd of Lewiinski’s regulars.

The Henshaw boys - Eddie and Peter.The Henshaw boys – Eddie and Peter.

A very hot and sticky day saw the lads excel, none more so than the good Captain Christy Knight.  “What 45 points?  You got to be kidding me” was about the nicest thing anybody said to Christy all day.  Colin Smith must have thought he had a chance of victory with his splendid 40 points, and most days he would have but he just picked the wrong day.  Ireland’s Tom Gorey closed the flight with a rock solid 38 points.

Kevin McEntee (2), Christy Knight, Colin Smith and Freddy Starbeck shared the 2’s pot.

Tuesday, March 25, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st Colin Smith (12) 38pts

2nd Russell Spratt (6) 35pts

3rd Nick Shaw (17) 35pts

B Flight

1st Manos Volikaisk (18) 40pts

2nd Charles Cunningham (18) 39pts

3rd Peter Henshaw (19) 36pts

Fine weather and the promise of good golf and fellowship brought out a large contingent to travel down to the demanding Bangpra.  The man of the match was B Flight’s Manos Volikaisk who carded a cracking 40 points.  Volikaisk was closely followed home by Charles Cunningham with a splendid 39 points.  Peter ‘the silver surfer’ Henshaw made it two paydays in a row as he closed the flight on 35 points.

Pay-window specialist Colin Smith was the top player in the senior circuit with a solid 38 points.  The battle for the minor flight places had Russell Spratt pipping the man riding a purple patch, Nick ‘Elvis’ Shaw, both three shots adrift.  Compensation for Nick came via a share of the 2’s pot with Manos Volikaisk and Mike Jefferys.

Wednesday, March 26, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Kevin Betts (16) 37pts

2nd Dominic Downey (12) 37pts

B Flight

1st Eddie Henshaw (27) 41pts

2nd Peter Henshaw (19) 40pts

Eddie Henshaw, who was fourth on Sunday, took no chances and no prisoners with his B Flight and man of the match 41 points.  Eddie needed every trick in his well worn golf back to beat his brother Peter ‘the silver surfer’ by just one stroke.

A Fight was just as dramatic as a count back was required to separate Kevin Betts and Eric Gobert as both returned 37 points.  Kevin’s inward nine was more favourable dispersed.

No 2’s were recorded so  a rollover to Thursday.

Thursday, March 27, Crystal Bay B & A – Stableford

A Flight

1st Maurice Roberts (13) 38pts

2nd Kevin Betts (16) 35pts

B Flight

1st Pierre Bietry (18) 37pts

2nd Dave Nicolson (18) 37pts

Thursday marked a welcome return to Crystal Bay and the tough Thai Takenaka design, which was in pretty good shape considering the long period of drought.

Maurice Roberts dominated the senior flight with his man of the match 38 points.  Kevin Betts picked up the flight silver with his steady 35 points for his second pay window visit on the bounce.

Pierre ‘the magician’ Bietry claimed the top spot in B Flight (just like that) by virtue of a better back nine over Dave Nicolson and Barry Oats.  Dave lifted the silver as Barry was left high and dry.

All the top three performers in B Flight and Thierry Danzas shared the rollover 2’s pot

Friday, March 28, Silky Oak – Stableford

A Flight

1st Ian Pickles (13) 40pts

2nd Eric Gobert (4) 37pts

3rd Matt Cronin (13) 37pts

B Flight

1st William Peach (18) 39pts

2nd Mike Jeffreys (18) 38pts

3rd Allan White (18) 37pts

The week ended with a trip to Silky Oak and that was just fine for Canadian Ian Pickles who put together an A Flight top spot and man of the match 40 points; no mean feat in this heat and humidity.  Eric Gobert and Matt Cronin were knotted on 37 points and when the knot was untied by count back it was Eric who had the better of it.

William Peach was holding the biggest bag of loot on the B Flight podium as his excellent 39 points was one clear of Mike ‘the Welsh wizard’ Jeffreys.  Mike was also a shot clear of the tandem of Allan White and Peter ‘the silver surfer’ Henshaw, the mathematics on Allan’s card being more favourable than those of Peters.

Ian Pickles, Eric Gobert and Ed Wyckoff shared the 2’s pot.

As was expected Freddy Starbeck was the winner of the golfer of the month for March 2014.

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