An early Christmas for Carroll


The Golf Club weekly news

Monday, Nov. 14, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Jack Grindvold (6) 38pts

2nd Phil Smedley (14) 37pts

3rd Frank Tordeur (20) 36pts

John Ahmed, Bryan Carroll, David Rose, Bob Mulholland & Kenny Aihara
John Ahmed, Bryan Carroll, David Rose, Bob Mulholland & Kenny Aihara

There’s more good news on the condition of Green Valley, where we hold our regular Monday competitions.  The weather was a bit on the hot side on this day, which is not the norm for this time of year, and we got off a bit early from our booked tee time of 9:20 and were back to TGC by just after 3:00pm.

Frank Tordeur has been visiting us regularly for the past 7 years but by the time you read this, Frank will be wheels up already.  He has slipped to a 20 handicap after way too much time on the slopes in the winter months so today his 36 points netted a third place on the podium.

Capt. Smedley proved to be a terrible host once more and his second place today earned him a proper scolding.

And then there was flashy Jack who was best of show today as the athlete scored 38 off of his 6 handicap.  Not too bad for a guy who hangs around bars a lot!

Dave Ferris had one good shot at the right time to win that Caddy Smile near pin.  Well deserved it was and we thank “Big Wheel” Dave for all his help with that very worthwhile project.

Wednesday, Nov. 16, Greenwood C & A (yellow tees) – Stableford

1st Bryan Carroll (19) 38pts

2nd Ken Aihara (5) 34pts

T3rd David Rose (3) 33pts

T3rd Bob Mulholland (7) 33pts

Some things I believe on a golf course and then there are some things that happen and make you just slap yourself on the forehead.

Bryan “The Old Man” Carroll and I came to Pattaya for the first time 16 years ago.  We had booked a golf tour like everyone else, and thought we could do a better job of what we saw.  Several hundred rounds later we still have the company and are still bringing groups over for that first thrilling trip to the ‘Land of Smiles’.

Today Bryan was faced with some seriously good golfers, and a hell of a lot younger, fitter, and more able bodied than he is.  Believe me, I know!  There would be a good 25 years difference between Carroll and the average age of the other “lads” but somehow he managed one of his better rounds of the decade and 38 points was 4 better than the rest.  As if that were not enough, Bryan did it from the long tees of 6,600 yards, proving to all of us oldies there’s still a chance if you try!

John Ahmed & his pal Kam have been joining us on their holidays from Pakistan for years and finally John took the near pin prize for his initial win on tour.

Friday, Nov. 18, Khao Kheow (white tees) – Stableford

T1st Zed Belogavec (19) 41pts

T1st Jason Barnett (3) 41pts

3rd Phil Smedley (14) 39pts

A great course in great condition and fine weather made for another perfect day of golf in paradise.  We play Khao Kheow all the time and rarely get any complaints, just a lot of praise.  Locals and tourists all agree that this is a fine Pete Dye layout, which is why the sign-up sheet is always full for Khao Kheow.

There were some high scores here today.  Capt. Phil was once more good to the tune of 39 on the card while fellow Aussie Jason Barnett did two better to win on 41 points.  Jason just kills the ball and his 3-handicap proves he has all the skills.  He was visiting us about 7 months back so good to see him returning for more of the good life.

It was last month’s medal winner Zed Belogavec who did his best today and tied Jason for the 41 point win.

The island green at Khao Kheow, B-8, is a memorable one.  This hole mimics TPC Sawgrass, the more famous of Pete Dye’s golf designs.  We usually have our Caddy Smile near pin on the last par-3, but today we just had to have it here and the winner was none other than the Wednesday winner Bryan Carroll to finish a fine week of golf and an early Christmas for Carroll.  Well played mate, there’s still quite a few more good years left in there yet!