‘The Eagle’ soars at Green Valley


Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Jan. 15, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Peter LeNoury (14) 39pts

2nd Andy Leach (8) 36pts

3rd Dave Boran (13) 34pts


B Flight

1st Bob Stokes (18) 38pts

2nd Ian Pickles (18) 38pts

3rd Fred Birch (18) 37pts


C Flight

1st Eddy Beilby (22) 43pts

2nd Francis Bathurt (25) 42pts

3rd Colin Davis (23) 41pts


Near Pins: Michelle Deletraz, Peter LeNoury, Eddy Beilby and Bill Eyles.

Eddy Beilby celebrates another birdie at Green Valley.
Eddy Beilby celebrates another birdie at Green Valley.

A slate of 34 golfers were no match for Eddy ‘the Eagle’ Beilby at Green Valley this Sunday as he lit up C Flight with 43 points.  Mind you, he needed every one of them to fend off the challenge of Francis Bathurt with his splendid 42-point effort and Colin ‘the Donkey’ Davis with a fine 41 on the card.  Eddy also picked up two near pins.

Peter ‘the right honorable’ LeNoury topped out A Flight with 39 points and was three clear of ‘blast from the past’ Andy Leach – nice to have him join us after quite a long time.  Big hitting Dave Boran closed the flight with34 points.

B Flight went to a count back to determine the winner between Bob Stokes and Ian ‘San Miguel’ Pickles.  Ian was too dished to care and let Bob take the top podium step.  Fred Birch tidied up the flight with 37 points.


Monday, Jan. 16, Treasure Hill – Stableford

A Flight

1st John Carlton (12) 35pts

2nd Mike Allidi (3) 35pts

3rd Oliver Orth (11) 34pts

4th Randy Conti (14) 31pts


B Flight

1st Bob Stokes (18) 38pts

2nd Peter Wilson (20) 34pts

3rd Steve Baker (22) 32pts

4th Gabriel Enright (22) 32pts


C Flight

1st Jack Jackson (23) 38pts

2nd Pierre Zbinden (23)36pts

3rd Sean Soden (26) 34pts

4th Robert Collis (23) 33pts


Near Pins: Pierre Zbinden two, Mike Allidi and Stuart Mann.

Long Putt: Nigel Jones.


At over 6,700 yards from the white tees Treasure Hill is always a good test of golf.  The course was in fine condition this day and the weather was warm with a slight breeze.  44 players from Lewiinski’s and Colin’s Bar turned out so thee flights were needed with four places in each.

B Flight’s Bob Stokes and C Flight’s jack Jackson were the co men of the match with 38 points apiece.  Jack was followed up the C Flight podium steps by Pierre Zbinden with 36 points and two near pins while two podium specialists filled the flight – Sean Soden with 34 points and Robert Collis with 33.

Peter Wilson picked up the silver in B Flight with 34 points and Steve Baker took third place after his back-side (does that sound right) relegated Gabriel ‘the thunder from down under’ Enright to the fourth spot.

John Carlton stood atop the premier flight with35 points but he needed a count back victory over the unlucky Mike Allidi.  The man never far from the brass ring, Oliver Orth, took the third spot on 34 points as Randy Conti was left to tidy up the flight on 31.


Wednesday, Jan. 18, St. Andrews – Stableford

A Flight

1st Andy Kelleher (10) 38pts

2nd Alan Atwell (16) 37pts

3rd Simon Smith (9) 37pts


B Flight

1st Peter Wilson (21) 35pts

2nd Kelly Phelps (18) 35pts

3rd Stuart Mann (23) 34pts


C Flight

1st Nigel Harrison (28) 36pts

2nd Colin Davis (24) 34pts

3rd Robert Collis (24) 32pts


Near Pins: Andy Kelleher, Thorsten Jodehi, Paul West and Pat Regan.

Long Putt: Martin Porter.


An excellent crowd took to the road to visit the par-73 St. Andrews, arguably one of the toughest courses in the area and one the designers had earmarked for handicappers of 15 and below.  Again three flights were called for with three paces in each.

The course was in fine condition and a bit of redesign with the par-3 sixth hole removed and a new hole no 19 added.

Andy Kelleher took it upon himself to show A Flight and the field how to tackle this tricky layout by returning a man of the match 38 points.  Alan Atwell and Simon Smith were knotted a shot back and when the knot was undone it was Allan who took the silver with his superior back-nine (20-18).

A count back was also required to sort out the top spot in B Flight as Peter Wilson and Kelly Phelps were tied on 35 points.  When the dust had settled it was Peter who got the nod 20-19 and that left Stuart Mann to close the flight with 34 points.

Nigel Harrison took control in C Flight with a solid even par round, was two clear of the Donkey and a further two clear of Robert Collis.

Peter LeNoury (left) with Marcus Earp.
Peter LeNoury (left) with Marcus Earp.

Friday, Jan. 21, Plutaluang – Stableford

A Flight

1st John Carlton (12) 35pts

2nd Anne Stokes (12) 32pts

3rd John Kelly (16) 30pts

4th Mike Allidi (3) 30pts


B Flight

1st Ian Pickles (18) 40pts

2nd Bob Stokes (18) 36pts

3rd Gordon Wallace (18) 35pts

4th Stuart Mann (23) 35pts


C Flight

1st Veronique Morgan (30) 39pts

2nd Torben Lindgarrd (29) 37pts

3RD Marcus Earp (28) 36pts

Colin Davis (24) 31pts


Near Pins: Mark Pritz, Mike Allidi, John Knight and Stan Stewart.


Another excellent crowd of 47 players turned out to play the Plutaluang course which again was found to be in fine condition.  Three flights were required with four places in each.

The course did lack several caddies and the groups were running slow, but a great time was had by all, especially B Flight’s Ian Pickles as he took the top spot in the flight and was the man of the match with an excellent 40 point return.  Ian was followed up the podium steps by Bob Stokes on a good even par round, making it two wins and a second this week for him.  A count back was required to sort out the minor flight places between Gordon Wallace and Stuart Mann, the calculations dictating that they ascend the podium in that order.

Veronique Morgan filled the top spot in B Flight with a fine39 points, finishing two clear of Torben Lindgarrd and a further stroke ahead of Marcus Earp, leaving The Donkey to tidy up the Flight on 31 points.

The boys and girls who can actually play the game found the going tough, as John Charlton filled the top spot with just 35 points.  Bob Stokes’ better half Anne did the same as Bob and took the flight silver with 32 points, being two clear of John Kelly and Mike Allidi as the mathematics on John’s card proved to be more favorable than those of Mike’s.