Dunstan’s outstanding double


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, March 23, The Emerald – Stableford

CSS 73

Division 1 (0–13)

1st Danny Miller (7) 37pts

2nd Trevor Schirmer (13) 35pts

3rd David Hester (8) 35pts

4th Alan Hanlon (13) 32pts

5th Neville Duncan (11) 32pts

Division 2 (14-20)

1st Mike Hill (22) 44pts

2nd Wilf Wellman (30) 37pts

3rd Brian Randall (34) 34pts

4th John Carlin (19) 33pts

5th Vincent Gras (19) 32pts

Having struggled for the first twelve holes before suddenly becoming the main man in an emergency situation to help Graham Johnson, Danny Miller managed to revitalize himself and shot a two-under par back nine for another win in division 1.  This left Trevor Schirmer in second place after he had won a count back over David Hester with a better 12 to 10 on the back six after they had tied the nine on 18 each.  Alan Hanlon also had to win a count back for fourth with an 18 to 17 result over Neville Duncan in fifth place.

Frank Dunstan & Mike Hill.Frank Dunstan & Mike Hill.

The second division was led in by a street by Mike Hill as he recorded the best round of his life, breaking 90 in the process by a big margin and earning a longed for cut in handicap.

Wilf Wellman also had his best round in Thailand but just failed to break the gross 100 mark and still leave himself with that target to make, but another podium placement added to his growing self esteem.  Third spot was taken by Brian Randall as he also had his best round for six years in Thailand to just pip John Carlin in fourth place, with Vincent Gras another one back in fifth.

There were no 2’s in either division.

There was a special farewell today for Graham Johnson, and best wishes, as during the round he had an unfortunate accident as he was driving along a fairway when he suffered some sort of a seizure and fell out of the golf cart, fracturing his collarbone in the process.  Fortunately he was playing in the same group as Danny Miller, who is a trained first aider and was able to give him immediate assistance before being taken t hospital.

Graham’s playing partners and other golfers  really showed that The Haven are a close knit group as several assisted in the immediate event and later organised getting him to hospital and then home and also ferrying his car to his home at the end of the day.  Even the caddies joined in with five of them attending at the local Banchang Medical Center in case they could be of assistance.  When spoken to the following day Graham was most appreciative of all the attention he had received and assured everyone that he was on the road, albeit a slow one, to recovery.

Wednesday, March 25, Green Valley – Stableford

CSS 71

Division 1 (0–18)

1st Shuichi Kodaka (18) 42pts

2nd Yukio Kikuchi (17) 39pts

3rd Ben Jackson (16) 38pts

4th Paul McDonald (15) 37pts

5th Barry Winton (6) 36pts

Division 2 (19+)

1st Frank Dunstan (30) 40pts

2nd Phil Stevenson (25) 33pts

3rd John Carlin (19) 32pts

4th Mark Armstrong (25) 32pts

5th Vincent Gras (19) 32pts

Probably the last time that the group would be playing Green Valley, at least in the low season, saw a much lower than usual turnout and although the course was generally in good shape the players almost totally agreed that it did not provide good value for money when compared to the many other courses in the area.

The first division was taken by Shuichi Kodaka as he prepares to see his handicap plummet again after he won by three clear on a day of high scoring by many of the contestants.  Second placed was filled by Yukio Kikuchi three behind and one up on Ben Jackson who in turn was one ahead of Paul McDonald in fourth.  Barry Winton found that level par was only good enough for fifth on this day.

Danny Miller & Shuichi Kodaka.Danny Miller & Shuichi Kodaka.

The second division was taken by Frank Dunstan with his best score for some time as he won by seven from Phil Stevenson, the latter adding yet another podium notch to his golf bag.  John Carlin, who is becoming one of the usual suspects in the second division, took third after winning a three-way count back over Mark Armstrong in fourth and Vincent Gras in fifth as they scored 17,16 and 13 respectively.

Walter Panichi had two ‘2’s to take sole ownership of the first division 2’s pool and went very close with two more although he still collected the same amount as Yukio Kikuchi and Ben Jackson who shared a triple rollover pot in the second division.

Friday, March 27, Pattana B & C – Stableford

Division 1 (0–15)

(White tees)

CSS 72

1st Trevor Schirmer (13) 38pts

2nd Paul McDonald (15) 36pts

3rd Neville Duncan (11) 32pts

4th Mark Williams (7) 32pts

5th Danny Miller (7) 32pts

Division 2 (16+)

(Yellow tees)

CSS 71

1st Frank Dunstan (30) 42pts

2nd Shuichi Kodaka (18) 38pts

3rd Terry Hodgkiss (22) 37pts

4th Mike Hill (22) 36pts

5th Wilf Wellman (30) 34pts

Having had a rest day on Wednesday Trevor Schirmer rounded off the week with a win from the white tees to add to his second place on Monday, after the organiser for the day planned a two-tee competition thinking it was the Monthly Medals that were being played for on the day.  Paul McDonald actually took second place but as confusion reigned he was reported as third at the presentations, with Neville Duncan third and Mark Williams fourth after he had won a count back over Danny Miller with a better 11 to 9 on the last six.

The second division, played from the yellows, was taken by Frank Dunstan who put in yet another great round to confound the Wakehurst handicappers and was just saved from the ESR axe after the CSS for the previous competition had been set at 71, as was this day’s.

Shuichi Kodaka also again played well to go two under his old handicap for second place with the podium rounded out by Terry Hodgkiss (third), Mike Hill (fourth) and Wilf Wellman, now a regular winner, in fifth.

There were no 2’s in the second division but Walter Panichi had one again but this time had to share the pool with Trevor Schirmer and Neville Duncan.

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