Double success for Marty Rock


Jomtien golf with the IPGC

Monday, July 1, Pattana – Stableford

As always we teed-off on everyone’s favourite starting hole, the first on the B course, and after being closed for a few months were now able to follow it up with the A nine afterwards.

The divisions were split at 9-18 and 19+ and ‘Count back’ Burnie returned the best score of the day, winning division 2 with 36 points.  Chris Reed, almost permanently back with us from Australia, came in second with 33 and Colin James was third on 30.

Miss Pink’s other half Don Head topped division 1 with 35 points, Iain Usher was second three points behind and Jerry Sweetnam, who travels to every golf course on his bike with his clubs, claimed third with 30 points.

Friday’s top two teams: Alan Bissell, Andy Crabb and Tony Duthie with Andy Oz, Jimmy Johnson and Mike Chatt.Friday’s top two teams: Alan Bissell, Andy Crabb and Tony Duthie with Andy Oz, Jimmy Johnson and Mike Chatt.

The course was in good condition today and we were lucky with the weather for this area for this time of the year.

Wednesday, July 3, Bangpra – Stableford

There were three divisions out today with the cut at 9-15, 16-21 and 22 plus.  The best score of the day came in division 1 from Marty Rock who won with 37 points.  Billy Fitzgerald took second after beating Jerry Sweetnam on a 19/17 back nine count back, both coming in with 34 points each.

With his first time on the podium for a long time, Bryan Rought (alias Mr. Happy) won division 2 with 35 points, beating the Khao Yai boy Tim Hake on a 17/16 back nine count back, and Colin James was third one point behind them both.

Alan Bissell topped division 3 with 31 point ahead of Pepo Frick who was second on count back over Jimmy Johnson and David Phillips.

Near pins went to Lindsay Phillips, Marty Rock, Neville Scurrell, Tim Hake and Chris Reed.

In the ‘2’s rollover from Pattana, Lindsay Phillips was a happy chappy with a birdie on the 12th in division 1 and Pepo Frick and Colin James shared the pot in division 2.

Friday, July 5, Eastern Star – Stableford

We had a field of 38 players out today and there were twelve teams in a 1-2-3 competition and as always three divisions in the normal stableford competition with the cut today at 8-14, 15-21 and 22+.

Iain Walsh returned the best score of the day in division 3 with 39 points to finish ahead of Ray Gott in second eight points behind and in third place was Alan Bissell with 28 after beating Pepo Frick on a 17/14 back nine count back.

Paul Hartley scored 38 to win division 2 while playing off 15 Lindsay Phillips started one, blob, one, and then parred the next 8 holes to come in with 36 points to finish second, while Andy Oz took third with 34.

Marty Rock topped division 1 with 36 points and the London cabbie boy was second with 32 and Bill Bertram third with 31.

Jerry Sweetnam birdied the 6th for the only ‘2’ in division 1 and Iain Walsh the 3rd for the only ‘2’ in division 2.

Near pins were claimed by Mikael Andersson, Arthur Hancock (2), Jon Lay, Alan Bissell, Mike Plunkett and Iain Walsh.

In the 1-2-3 competition we were expecting scores in the low eighties to come in as normal but 76 was the top score of the day, winning the competition for Alan Bissell, Andy Crabb and Tony Duthie.  Mike Chatt, Jimmy Johnson and Andy Oz were second with 71 points, beating Glyn Evans, Rod Howett and Lindsay Phillips on a 46/44 back nine count back.

Technical prizes for the 3 divisions went to Jon Lay, Curtis Hessler, Pepo Frick, Marty Rock, Andy Oz, Chris Voller, Andy Crabb, Rod Howett, Billy Fitzgerald, Ken Leadstone, Roar Berger, Jerry Sweetnam, Don Head (2), Glyn Evans, Keith Woolley, and Iain Walsh.

A great day out for all and the weather conditions were perfect.  Afterwards it was back to Siam Cats where we issued a warm welcome return to Harry Vincenzi and bon voyage for 10 weeks to Don Head and Miss Pink, alias Miss Nut.

Note:  The Khao Yai flyer is now on the wall at Siam Cats for our trip on the 28th of this month.  Sign up early to avoid disappointment.